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Hi, I'm new, obviously. No kids yet, but will be TTC soon. I'm mainly interested in learning more about vax & circ decisions, and I'm also gaining a lot of ideas about GD and NFL in general. I'm currently caring for my father, who has terminal cancer. I've poked around a bit in the natural healing threads, and am meaning to search there more to see what I can find out about alternative medicine options to make him comfortable as he declines. This is a totally...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla Nope, you just didn't post an intro or have a sig that tells anything so I was just curious. We have had many trolls on here as of late so I am kind of leary of new members. Oh! No, I sure didn't mean to be trollish. Trolly? Whatever. I lurked for a good 4 months before getting an account, so I guess I jumped right in. I know each online community has its own unwritten set of rules, so if I violated those, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla So how long have you been married and how many kids/stepkids do you have? Me, Sharlla? I've been married 6 years, and we're workintg on TTC. All I had was sympathy for the OP, and encouragement to not think of her marriage in terms of time & money. Am I misreading the tone here?
Quote: Originally Posted by becoming One thing that I find soooo funny about people without kids is when they complain about being tired or having too much to do. The aforementioned kidless friend of mine has just her and her husband (who works all the time) to worry about. She is constantly complaining about how she has *so* much to do when she gets home from work. Meaning she has to let her dog outside and clean her house. I just wish she could spend...
Quote: Originally Posted by MeganW My dd and I are just fine. Since I have no interest is being involved with anyone else dd might as well have her dad around to play with her. He's not "costing" me anything at the moment. I would need to start my own forum on why I can't fathom walking away. I guess it's just not bad enough yet. Look, I didn't mean to be offensive or imply you somehow weren't *fine.* Sorry if it came across that way.
Megan, wow, what a lot to handle. ITA with previous posters that this is a husband issue, not a kid issue. Would he do counseling? And please don't think of your marriage in terms of the time & money you've invested...you & your kids are worth more than that.
Poor thing. I have nothing to offer but sympathy. Dental pain is just the worst.
New Posts  All Forums: