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Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama I had a glass of Conundrum Cab Isn't that stuff lovely? If you like a big, spicy red, try The Prisoner from Orrin Swift Cellars. It's a blend, and oh, so wonderful! We ought to start a wine thread, no?
A peripherally related story: I had a web designer job at a tiny IT firm just out of college, and we did pro bono work for the city's Catholic diocese, maintaining their website. The technology chair was looking for sites to link to, and while looking for CYO-type sites (Catholic Youth Organization), he typed in something to the effect of catholicteens.com. Oh, my. It was THAT kind of site. It was apparently VERY explicit, and he was appalled. He came to us and asked...
We got rid of a ton of stuff when we moved; it's just fantastic. Yinsum, I'm sure if you look on the Freecycle site, there are instructions for setting up a new group.
Consumables are such an excellent idea. Also, I keep an eye out for clearance items at all sorts of stores, thinking about what family would like. That's nothing earth-shattering, of course, but it does help keep the final bill down, and certainly keeps stress levels down in the weeks leading up to Xmas. Then I can spend time baking, which I actually enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragonfly That was precisely my meaning and is one possible reading of what I actually wrote. I guess it's just easier or more exciting to assume negative intent and then insist on it when corrected. Are you calling me fat? j/k
And I asked because I realized that I used to rail at a certain friend who'd say "Men are jerks!" and I'd say, "No, there are PEOPLE who are jerks...I'm sorry you've dated them, but don't flush a gender down the toilet." So while I don't want to say women are bad tippers, because obviously they aren't, my experience tells me that if I tally my lousy tips over a month's time, most of them are going to be from well-dressed women ordering soup & salad combos during lunch who...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaWindmill And I would, again, counter that their being women had nothing to do with it - their being jerks was the issue, and gender plays no role. You know, you're right. Would it be fair to say most of the jerks I waited on were women?
I really think the title and the tone of the article were a bit tongue-in-cheek.
Read the OP's other thread...she already found a farm that would take the cat. And to the OP...please don't get any other pets, okay? It sounds like you have no concept of what it's like to share your home with an animal. I'm baffled that you wanted to ditch that cat because it tripped you.
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