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Quote: Originally Posted by its_our_family So, what do we do? Should we take her back? Uh...are you really thinking about taking the dog back because she's scared of the leash?
They all work for General Mills.
Your house really is lovely. Who freaking cares what your neighbor says? Let it go. I'm sure you're feeling protective of your husband's hard work, but let it go.
Deadwood! It's pretty dark and violent, but we love it. Entourage is on the queue, too. What else... Looney Tunes The Office Coupling Stella
Man, you can tell I have PMS, because I totally want to try that now.
I'm so glad! How about buying a nice plant? Maybe a tree if you have a yard? Plant it together and remember what your faith has brought you. Or, you know, buy a bunch of awesome cheese or chocolate and don't share it with anyone. That's what I would do.
My nephew, 16, is allergic to all tree nuts. He has his epi pen, but hasn't needed to use it yet. If he accindentally ingests any nuts, he can gague how he's feeling, and is usually okay with benadryl. He's sick for a few days afterwards, too, depending on how much he had. Obviously not one of your more severe cases. A girlfriend is severely allergic to nuts as well as seafood and bananas. She's the sort whose throat will start to close up if someone in the office...
Quote: Originally Posted by mammatomyboys I just have no idea how to make him happy.: Aw. I don't think you should pressure yourself so much on this; you can't MAKE someone happy, you know? You've worked hard to give him opportunities, and that's great. I hope this isn't overly simplistic, but what does your son have to say about what he wants? Does he have any ideas about ways that would make it easier to be the oldest?
I hate them. I think they're ugly as homemade sin, and I don't care if they're comfy. There are plenty of non-uggo shoes that are comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by North_Of_60 This is where I get confused, because the two simply are not comparable, in my eyes. I've yet to see anyone pawn stolen family heirloom jewelry to buy french fries. And no, frying potatoes grown with pesticides in hydrogenated oil isn't good for you, but they're not even in the same realm as crack, IMO. But, see, hyperbole. I'm sorry the realities of drug addiction have touched your life in that...
New Posts  All Forums: