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Quote: Originally Posted by Crunchie It sucks. I'm not insensitive to it, I just think that it would be better and easier to end this potential cycle with this cat's pregnancy. Yes. The idea of killing the kittens sucks, but I think it's the best thing.
This may have been posted already, but it was just fascinating: http://www.time.com/time/photogaller...373664,00.html
Wow. Please don't send that. You can convey those same ideas if someone asks you directly about gifts.
I like! I think you have a total rockabilly chick thing going on.
Yeah, I finally watched it. I'm not an Elisabeth fan, but I find Rosie utterly vile.
Quote: Originally Posted by CalenandEllasmomma We've always been great friends and she hasn't ever acted like this until this one issue. I don't get it? I sure don't want to deal with her anymore now though.: That's so weird that she changed like that! I only asked because I thought this was just one example of her being jerky. But, yeah, I wouldn't want to deal with her anymore, either.
Can I ask why you're friends with this person?
It's really common for cats to eat houseplants. I think you're just going to have to keep them out of reach. Hanging plants or tall plantstands would work well.
I have to ask, have you done any training with your puppy?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mommyofwills I'm just easily irked.: Then get a table, thereby avoiding your upset and annoyance.
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