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Quote: Originally Posted by sharon71 if those who are freaking out over what her DH may think or say to her in private or very close company say they've never thought something negative about another person or stranger and talked to their SO/friends/family about it I'd say they are most likely liars.: I'd have the good sense to be ashamed of myself if I said such things as the OP's husband.
Demanding friends drain you, don't they? Please don't stress about this...you're not responsible for her hurt feelings. She sounds really lonely, but you can't fix that. You absolutely have the right to a friendship on your terms. If she can't accept that, well, that's her choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blu Razzberri Beating a child over the head with a book is a physical damage. Her MIL is causing emotional damage (read previous posts) with her methods. Okay, I've read the entire thread 3 times. Please, please point me towards where there's emotional damage. This seems like a gross overreaction.
Quote: Originally Posted by JenniferH I have been to the ER without insurance, and now my credit is in the crapper. See, that's the horrible thing. I have a hard time justifying an ER trip, and I'm insured.
I'm ashamed to say that when I read he ate all the nice crispy chicken skin...I was envious. It's all crackly and salty/garlicky and gaaaahhhh.... Sorry, that doesn't help. Anyway, I feel for you. When you're in the position of a caretaker, it's so hard not to be invested in things you really can't control. And of course you have a vested interest in keeping him healthy...the more unhealthy he is, the bigger the burden on you. I echo the suggestions for exploring the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Yinsum Well dang, My apologies for insulting everyone's intellegence with my ignorance. Seems you're the one who's feeling insulted. Please don't take it that way. This is a REALLY interesting topic, and actually one I hadn't considered. I'm going to have to think on it some more. I've always had insurance, but I've had docs ask to make sure I had insurance before ordering tests or bloodwork. And I think they...
Could be contact dermatitis. Did you switch detergents? Did he work in the yard or outside where he could come in contact with an allergen? I'd agree with ibbit; if he's having trouble breathing, he needs medical attention asap. Otherwise, a dose of benadryl if he's itchy, and he could just wait and see.
So disappointed. Jaslene's a MAN, baby!
I've had the HIDA scan. Totally no big deal. Of course, my husband was a nuclear pharmacist for a long while, so I'm pretty comfortable with that sort of thing.
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