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The Office has been renewed for 24 episodes next season, SIX of which will be full-hour episodes, airing on nights when there isn't a new Scrubs (because Scrubs was only renewed for 16 eps.) Also, they're moving the Office to 9 Eastern/8 Central. Woo!
Quote: Originally Posted by Calidris yeah but there is a big difference between saying dumb decision, and saying the parents have no one to blame but themselves (as someone actually said somewhere in this thread) I missed that, then.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunchyTamara Why? Because I have done bad things myself. I have made bad decisions. Plenty of them. And I have lucked out. Nothing bad has happened to my child. Thank God. IF something terrible had happened to my child because I made a wrong judgement, then I pray people would focus on helping me, support me and stand by me. Not judge me for being human. Right, but, here's the thing: I can say, "Man, dumb...
Yuck. I hate hearing stuff like that. It's hard, I know.
Seems that if he can't responsibly ride his bike unsupervised, then he loses that privelege. That ought to prevent him from being in a situation where he can steal as well. These are logical consequences. Is there a reason that isn't an option?
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunchyTamara But I would never, ever blame these poor, poor parents for anything of this! Never. I so, so feel for them. Um, why? Why wouldn't you blame someone for making a bad decision? It's an awful thing, of course, and they must be going through hell. But I blame them.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama ganoush you're from Detroit, Madonna, Detroit! Poor ol' Madge can't get a break...
Ha! Yes, I do! How funny. I thought it was just an odd quirk that I did it...it's good to know other people do it, too. I'm on the phone with people across the country, and sometimes I find myself mirroring their accents.
I think the chart/checklist is a great idea. I'm 31, and I still love the feeling of checking something off my list. (yes, I'm a Virgo) But, hey, on your last post, why do you enjoy him more when he's not on video games? Is his behavior better overall? I wonder if reducing the time he spends on games, or maybe just having him play a different kind of video games, might make a difference?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cherie2 I don't know this family well, (have never actually met them in person) so I don't know how carefully these kids are being watched. I don't care how AP/crunchy/unschooling/GD you are...what kind of sense does that make? I'm glad he's coming home.
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