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I have to say I'm glad Rory said no. I didn't want the series to end so "perfectly." I'll miss it. Or, I'll miss what it used to be. The rapid-fire dialogue, the quirky characters (Kirk, I'm looking at you), the genuinely sweet moments. The drama-rama soap opera it turned to lately isn't as appealing. I will watch anything that Liza Weil turns up in.
Brittany's complete inability to walk reminded me...they really didn't have any catwalk training/challenges this season, did they? Brit's horrific walk clearly sunk her...not a single hire from all those go-sees! And, you know, maybe there were some personality problems that we didn't see, but it seems like if they'd done any catwalk work earlier in the season, those issues she had would've at least been addressed. I still remember...gosh, who was it? Bree, maybe? The one...
Oh, I just read an article about her in InStyle! Yep, she says she's still nursing, though I believe she said she's feeling like it might be coming to an end soon. But, hey, 17 months!
Private lessons are a fantastic idea...I bet that, coupled with your working with him and letting him move at his own pace will work wonderfully. And, hey, if it doesn't work right away, you can try again later. I feel for him...water fears are so intense (I've been there!) and really kind of embarassing.
I always tip, no matter what services I have done. The ettiquete I'm familiar with dictates you don't tip salon owners, since they're usually making more and often don't accept tips.
Quote: Originally Posted by roadfamily6now I see so many Handicap cars parking in the handicap spots but the person getting out certianly looks fine to walk to me........so why not hand over a few of those spots to preggo ladies and those with young kids?? Disabilities don't come with big neon signs, you know.
Quote: Originally Posted by ScotiaSky My MIL asked her former neighbors to do something about their barking dog...it barked all day/night long and was always tied up by itself. They often would go away to the cottage and just drop by once a day to feed and water. She asked politely many many times...finally her and many other neighbors starting calling the police who visited them. My MIL was the only neighbor who talked to them in person(all other...
Well, last night's ep was...worthless. I like screechy fights and low level bitchiness as much as the next gal, but it was underwhelming. Poor Natasha and her tooth, though! I would've been demanding good drugs. Dude, that would be an awesome challenge! Pose while on narcotics!
The only way you'll really know what your options are is to call your lenders and talk to them. You've probably already gathered that getting them erased isn't an option. Most lenders will work with you, though...they'd rather find a way for you to pay them somehow. FWIW, I know how much it sucks to have that debt staring you in the face. DH and I owe a lot of money...it's one reason we're putting off reproducing. It just bites....we both went to private, expensive...
I don't think you're selfish! You said both you and your husband think you're a better mom and wife for working, and you want to keep your job skills current for when you go back full-time. All I see here is a smart lady!
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