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Klaire labs is one of the best you can get!
I am studying to be a Nutrition Consultant through Hawthorne University and once I have completed that I will become certified through the NANP. I like the program, but what you can call yourself is based on the state you live. I really like distance learning online, because I have the freedom to study whenever I want to within a certain amount of time of course. But this program really teaches you to become a nutrition counselor. For instance, you have to work with...
Thanks for the info.   The baby had some sort of testing done and then they tested to find out which antibiotics would work against the strep pneumo.   My son has never had strep at all.
My son is 5 years old and has never been vaccinated. A friend of mine has a 6 month old baby who has had constant ear infections in his short life and constant rounds of antibiotics - recently they found strep pneumo in his ears - the child was breastfed some of the time but also formula fed and on formula now with no breast, also from a family who eats an absolutely horrible diet! Prior, he had received 2 of 3 of the vaccines according to his mom for strep pneumo (which...
They offer fermented vegetables and juices. I have a coupon and I am starting my son on GAPs in a couple of weeks and will need lots of fermented foods.   What would you recommend to start with? They offer the fermented juices of cabbage, carrots, radish and beet and of course the fermented vegetables. I wonder which would offer the mildest flavor? Also they have a fermented garlic that I am intrigued to try...I wonder if it would taste good in the soups I will be...
GAPs was going to be my last effort to try, but it looks like I will have too. Do I need to get the book for it or just use the online info?
My son is 4.5 years old. He started out at a very healthy weight at birth of 8 pounds 9 ounces. Since then, he has not even been on a growth chart his growth is so slow. At 4.5 he weighs 30 pounds and hasn't gained weight in a year. He probably has Celiac disease (we haven't bee able to draw blood to verify but he had a very serious reaction to wheat) and I believe his gut is severely damaged (leaky gut) as a result which I am working to repair. He can't eat nuts, eggs,...
I thought I wasn't suppose to burn with increased D3 and coconut oil in my diet and I have burned 3 times this spring for the first time ever in my life. I don't normally burn and I am consuming more d3, CLO and CO than ever. What's up? What do you all do? I am not fair skinned at all being Mexican and Native American.
Two great options are shredded zucchini and brown rice pasta. If you only eat it once a week, the brown rice pasta is fine unless it makes you feel bad. It tastes like homemade pasta.
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