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Quote: Originally Posted by cjanelles Honestly, I've "ruined" the powdered mac & cheese before by using too much milk. So, I buy the kind with the creamy cheese instead. I like it better anyway and it was about all I could eat when I was pregnant. oooh, shells and cheese. I love that stuff. :
Quote: Originally Posted by mightymoo It's such a personal decision I think. I send DD to Montessori preschool and it is so worth the expense to me, for several reasons. I need the break, I'm not as patient as some and DD is much more spirited than most. Second, she gets the interaction with other kids. That can be replaced through playgroups and such, but I find that I just don't end up doing that, so she doesn't get any otherwise. Third, the...
Final tally-- July 1- July 2- July 3- July 4- $8.92 markers for DS/Starbucks July 5- July 6- $21.98 Burt's Bees/shorts/magazines July 7- July 8- July 9- July 10- July 11- July 12- July 13- July 14- $4 drinks after wedding July 15- July 16- $23 supper July 17- July 18- July 19- July 20- $20 supper July 21- $13 McD's July 22- $40ish babyGap July 23- July 24- $41.48 jeans/dress July 25- July 26- $15.98 wedding outfit July 27-...
July 30- $9.09 lunch Was hoping to end the month with a thumb, but I really wanted lunch from this little grill down the road from my house. Oh well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom Jen -- I wouldn't count that. Clothes for your son are a necessity, and you are shopping ahead when you can get a better price. I was thinking along the same lines as you, but I was trying to be honest. Actually, on Saturday after I made my order, I told DH, "Now I've got to tell the Internet about this because I spent money." And he laughed and laughed.
July 28- July 29- July 30- -Jen
Quote: Originally Posted by mrskennedy I tried this recently and it's awesome! I'm so glad you tried it and liked it! I haven't bought a Starbucks drink since July 4, so at 3 or 4 a week for both DH and I, it's been a substantial savings.
My FIL works for New Balance, so all tennis shoes are gratis. This summer he also gifted DS with 2 pairs of NB sandals. For DS, he usually gets a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of Sunday shoes, and a pair of sandals for the summer. I usually don't spend that much, $20-25. DH wears boots to work that are paid for by his job. Around the house he wears tennis shoes, and we haven't had to buy a pair of Sunday shoes for him in a while. For me it varies wildly. ...
July 1- July 2- July 3- July 4- $8.92 new markers for DS/Starbucks before fireworks July 5- July 6- $21.98 Burt's Bees stuff, new shorts for DS, assorted magazines July 7- July 8- July 9- July 10- July 11- July 12- July 13- July 14- $4 drinks after wedding July 15- July 16- $23 takeout supper July 17- July 18- July 19- July 20- $20 takeout supper July 21- $13 McD's July 22- $40ish @ BabyGap (summer sales; buying for next year) July 23-...
July 25- July 26- $15.98 outfit for wedding in Sept. Honestly, I could have worn something I already have, but it was on mad clearance and I had a coupon code. It's something I've had my eye on for a while. Note to self-- *Stay off the internet for shopping! Susan--Congrats on the mixer. You're going to love it!
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