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July 10- Normal Tuesday for us. After therapy, instead of hitting Target or the mall we came home. It's easy to no spend (for me) if you don't go anywhere!
^ I can respect that. And I'm truly sorry that that was the experience you had. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, it breaks my heart that you had to go through it. I really wasn't trying to start anything. In fact, I deleted the question after the fact because I decided it could be construed as stirring the pot. Really, I'm sorry.
Double post, I'm sorry! I don't know what is going on w/ my computer right now.
I have never --eaten sushi --seen the West Coast --had my credit card declined
I shipped Maine lobsters home to NC once.
Why, oh why did I open this thread??? I am scared of bugs. Seriously scared. Bugs are DH's territory. I am not ashamed. And while I was reading this, the ceiling fan blew a Post-It note I had tacked up on my desk down. It fluttered around and brushed my arm. I jumped 5 feet in the air.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1happymom How could I find out if there is one close to us?? : If you go to www.eckerd.com it announces the switch to Rite-Aid and on the left hand side there is a little tab that says "Store Locater". Click on it and enter your address and it'll tell you where the closest one is.
Send it. As is. How frustrating for you and your DH!
Thanks you guys. Babygrant, you are so right! My own son had a stroke that partially paralyzed his right side. Now, thanks to some awesome OT/PT/ST he is a thriving happy healthy little 4 year old!
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