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Can I ask for a favor, please? A friend of my family's was up in VA this weekend and had a stroke. His children were my classmates and he actually works with my mom. He looked like the picture of health, ate right, played tennis, etc. He's fairly young. He was at a conference in Virginia so he's in the hospital up there. Was on a ventilator but we heard yesterday that he was off that & was going to be evaluated by more doctors. I'm really praying to get some...
I'm so sorry this happened to you. s I can't imagine seeing that scene with a fellow mom crying and not trying to do something, anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by karina5 That's a good question. So much of this thread has been about FAMILY weddings, or good friends. But what about people that aren't in those categories, such as a coworker, boss, or someone outside your very close circle.... I get this. If we were invited to a wedding such as you describe (boss, coworker, etc), and DS was not invited, I would do my best to line up childcare. Most likely in the form of the...
PMed you.
I'm taking DS to a wedding on Saturday. It's a family wedding and his name was on the invitation. 18 months ago, I took him to another family wedding and his name was not on the invitation. It was just a given that he was invited. Honestly, there's not many places I go that DS doesn't go. Love me, love my child. This has actually been on my mind a lot lately. There's a couple in our church who are getting married in Sept. and recently the bride was discussing...
Old Navy carries plus-sized maternity, I think. I've seen on the Lane Bryant website too. I found some stuff at Target, and at some of the stores in our local mall, like Penney's or Sears.
I used to think that no child, no matter how beloved, would sleep in my and DH's bed. Then I had DS, and now, 4 years later, when he occasionally sleeps in his own bed, I miss him.
I will help you. Just give them all to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by nadia105 Prudence, I'm sorry that this wasn't the month for you . You're right though, now you have a little more time to save. doublesnap, a BOB for $100! that is amazing! I haven't seen anything on mine that cheap unless it is in really bad shape. I will keep checking though, I got an Arm's Reach Cosleeper for $75 off there! Well, yesterday was big spend, but okay spend. $6 at Target for a couple needed things, $20...
Our local Eckerd's is being turned into a Rite-Aid, I guess this is why their stuff is on clearance? I hardly ever stop in there (so expensive, normally!), but maybe I will tomorrow.
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