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July 8- I've hurt my back somehow and am hoping to be able to get a doctor's appointment tomorrow. So we've stayed at home and I've been able to take it easy. Taking a look back at last week, I'm recommitting myself to no spend. No Starbucks, no new clothes, no magazines. Groceries and gas only.
Quote: Originally Posted by milky_mama I'm not sure about the blemish stick but Tea Tree Oil has always worked great on my blemishes. It dries them right up! The Burt's stuff has TTO as an ingredient, so hopefully it will work. If not, I may try just TTO by itself.
Okay, I might get flamed to hell for this. But here goes. Sometimes playing with my kid is boring. Don't get me wrong, I love my kid fiercely and I do play with him a lot. But how long can you stand there and push a swing without having a breakdown? So we do those things, within a certain time limit. My husband and I do let my kid play by himself a lot too. I think it does him good to learn how to entertain himself, so he's not constantly looking at me or my...
Quote: Originally Posted by prairiemommy Right about the age that kids are really starting to show hand dominance, DS1 used his left hand almost exclusively. Then he broke his left arm and was in a cast long enough that he learned most of his fine motor skills right-handed. He can write and eat with both hands (equally well) now but generally uses his right more. He's still like a left-handed person in a right-hand world though - the watch thing, all...
Quote: Originally Posted by maliceinwonderland When people asked me for the time, they had to kneel in front of me to look at my watch. ..It wasn't recently. I was 14, leave me alone I think that's cute!
Quote: Originally Posted by my3peanuts I despise hearing a pregnant woman referred to as "preggers". And yes, "babydancing" makes me cringe as well.... I loathe to hear "preggo". Just no.
No, I don't regret DS's name a bit. I always knew that if I had a boy, I was going to use my mother's maiden name as his name in some way. It ended up that DH chose DS's first name, and my mother's maiden name is his middle name. It suits him, and as other posters mentioned, it works well for a child and a grownup (being on graduation/wedding announcements, business cards...)
Oh, yeah. I forgot. Way to go Valerie on the bread baking! I love the way the house smells when homemade bread is in the oven.
July 1- July 2- July 3- July 4- $8.92 July 5- July 6- $21.98 July 7- Staying at home today and fixing to watch a baseball game (Go Braves!). I've got dinner in the crockpot right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by brooktosea how do you get those seret shopper jobs and the surveys? There are a bunch of online sites but I can't tell which are real and which ones will just take your money. Are you supposed to pay to join them? Isn't there a Get Paid To (GPT) area at the WAHM Well forum? I'm not sure, because I've never done it, but I seem to recall others talking about it. Maybe you could check there? ETA--Ah, I see TRIBE...
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