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We moved to Kitchener (from Windsor) two years ago. My kids are dd-12, ds-5, and dd-4.
If you are good at sewing you could buy hemp fabric and make your own...that's my plan.
Mostly baking soda, vinager and borax like the others mentioned. But I do occasionaly (when $ permits) buy from the store. Currently I really like Seventh Generations tub and tile for the bathroom and Dr. Bronners for the floors and as a general go-to spray for counters and dinner tables. It just smells so yummy (pepermint) and it invigorates me to actually do some cleaning
Hi there, this is my first post here. I'm Tracy and my family is moving to Kitchener Ontario next month and I'm wondering if there are any momma's in the Kitchener/Waterloo area who frequent this board. I'm currently a SAHM to Angie 10yrs, Jack 3.5 yrs, and Lyla 2.5 yrs. Hoping to find some natural/ap moms to befriend in the area
New Posts  All Forums: