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You definitely can get them again. It's really not uncommon, particularly is the first case was quite mild.
Yep. Typically the only scars dd seems to have are on her face. However, they have faded quite a bit and they aren't really noticeable at conversational distance now unless you know to look for them.
My concern would be the post birth mess that could occur if you have to take in the baby for any reason and have to admit to having had a UC. They're automatically going to assume the worst because of your history.   Could there be a compromise out there if you can't find a midwife to work with you? A birth centre? Midwife care in a hospital setting?
Because with some conditions, such as severe heart defects, you may wish to change your birth plans.   And I appreciate that scans don't pick up all problems, but they do still have diagnostic value. I'm pro medically necessary scans. Not a big fan of the mall 'vanity' scans.
I found rubbing in neat dishwashing liquid (for handwashing, not machine washing), leaving for a little while then washing helped.
Are these any good? http://dennisuniform.com/onlstore/ShowSchoolItem.asp?gr=-&gn=3&catnum=330&inum=044110965068&sc=BASICS&dis=7386692&cmt=   Or these http://www.fwschooluniforms.com/Classroom-Elastic-Waist-School-Pants-Prodview.html   I've also seen some on Amazon which also come in husky sizes. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004H8GIGQ/ref=asc_df_B004H8GIGQ1637051/?tag=dealt1-20&creative=394997&creativeASIN=B004H8GIGQ&linkCode=asn 
He's right at the age when they do seem to have more vivid dreams, night terrors etc so it is more likely to be linked to that than be  a seizure. Maybe monitor it and if it doesn't ease off or gets worse then speak to your dr to put your mind at rest?   Adding protein at bed time probably wouldn't hurt but if he seems find in the morning it seems doubtful that it's a blood sugar issue.
If that's the case for you then fair enough. Even better if you solely want your partner and they can step up and provide everything you need.   But not every woman feels that way. Some women labour better only in the presence of other women. Others prefer to be alone. And that can change from hour to hour and birth to birth. Some people genuinely can't provide their partner with what they need 100% of the time for a multitude of reasons. And unless that reason is...
  Really, only your male partner can be a perfect support person?      
  I think the main reason is just that it's not constipating. It tends to be gentler on the stomach as it contains ferrous gluconate rather than ferrous sulphate. However, ferrous gluconate contains less concentrated iron and it can take longer to build up your stores if you're severely anaemic. Spatone is also often recommended, but I don't think it's as widely available.    OP, glad to hear you're feeling brighter.    
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