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  Do you not agree that literacy and mathematics are more 'worthy' than other skills?
But it's not listed in the contents of the May issue? It seems to have been submitted but not selected for publication. I'm wondering why?
I have a feeling it's still generally called a heplock, even when it's saline.
  Are we not allowed to ask the question, 'Is this good research?' in this forum? Why wouldn't a reasonably intelligent non-vaxer ask that question?   But thank you for pointing me to the other thread. I'll go take a look there.
  Actually, I asked if someone more knowledgeable than me could shed any light on why, after peer review, this article wasn't selected for publication in the journal. By 'someone', I meant someone reading this forum. HTH   I'm quite sure that the authors are knowledgeable, but they do have a clear anti-vax bias. Hence my query.    
  The issue is probably that they are getting reinfected at school/when with friends. You need to speak to the school and ask them to inform all parents that they need to deal with the issue ASAP. Or if they're not in school speak to their friends' parents. While they are around other kids keep their hair tied back and braided if possible.   Personally I'd use a chemical treatment and repeat as required. LiceMD is the equivalent of the most popular brand here and...
  I think they use saline these days.    
I agree that it's not necessarily good preparation for the more mother centred practices of a homebirth midwife, but experience in hospitals does give a midwife experience in a) a greater number of births (HB midwives typically see fewer births than hospital midwives) and b) experience in dealing with complications which a HB midwife may be less likely to see (as she sees fewer clients and generally lower risk women). At least that's how training is done here.    
Was this study ever actually published in the journal? I can't see it listed in the contents for May, June or July.   I think that anyone can actually submit an article, but that not all meet the criteria for publication? I wonder why this one wasn't accepted? Perhaps because the authors are both strongly anti-vax and their data doesn't hold up to peer review? I'd be interested to learn more from someone more knowledgeable. :)    
Did you know that it's world continence week? Timely post!   Not sure if you'll have seen it on you search but this site has links to the continence foundations in many countries. http://www.worldcontinenceweek-usa.org/directory.html   I also know several women who have have urinary incontinence. Most found pelvic floor exercises helped, but one woman did have a op which did the trick. I think she may have had a prolapse, however. Presumably the cause of the...
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