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It's fake. Well, the film might be real but it's been heavily edited.
The guidelines here are that you should always sterilize bottles and teats used for milk feeds, whether BM or formula. Cold water sterilization is often the most convenient as you can leave the bottles in the solution for 24 hours so they are ready at your convenience. However, if you're not keen on using a sterilizing solution a microwave or counter top steam sterilizer are probably a better choice and quicker than a dishwasher.   The dishwasher does sterilize but...
Do you have a fabric highchair? They're great when on the move, particularly as not everywhere has a highchair and sometimes you need two hands free. I used to have one similar to this: http://www.totseat.com/    
  Is that right? I thought assisted homebirth was as safe as hospital birth for low risk women, not safer? Someone please school me if I'm wrong.   (Non UCer - ducking out now!)        
From what you've said it sounds as though both of you getting more sleep would hugely improve your quality of life? How do you feel about nightweaning and/or gentle sleep training techniques? Although many mamas find sleeping for longer follows nightweaning/placing limits on breastfeeding.        
I would say no.    Realistically, now matter how quickly you recovered from your previous births, are you really going to be able to provide night time care to an elderly man with physical disabilities, care for three kids and take care of the property/animals? All within days (max weeks, if your OH gets paternity leave) of the birth?   Live out job with set hours and maternity leave - I'd say take it. But being on call for this man is going to be incredibly...
You could try cleaning with white vinegar then leave outside to dry. Or, if that doesn't work, denture of sterilising tablets.
  Have your family not met any other kids? All kids play with their food at some point.   I think what you're doing is fine. If she rubs food on you then you're right to move her to her seat. Actually, I would just have all meals and snacks at the table until she's over the throwing/smooshing phase. Reinforce good behaviour: I know praise is a bit of a dirty word around here at times but I think it's fine to compliment them on how well they tried to eat their food nicely....
What have you tried so far? If pain relief, plenty of fluids and rest isn't helping then I'd consider seeing an MD. (To be honest, personally I would wait it out for a few days as if it's a virus you'll more than likely start to feel better in a day or two.) I wouldn't see an ND as if it is a bacterial infection you're going to need to see the MD anyway for ABs.   Some people find an antiseptic spray or gargling with aspirin or tea tree oil to help, although the...
It really isn't a problem at all unless they are allergic. He's definitely not going to burst into flames. As you're still nursing you may want to avoid him drinking large amounts of cow's milk on a regular basis or it may affect your supply (CM can be filling), but as an occasional drink at his age it's fine.    
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