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My answer would depend on how they were lost.   Were they definitely lost through his neglect or did someone else take them?   If they were genuinely lost through his neglect I would make him chip in. If he left them briefly and someone stole them before he could go back for them I wouldn't feel so comfortable making him chip in.
  That's what I meant, the not being able to tell if everything is ok or not. I could count beats but I couldn't tell you if what I was hearing was problematic or not. Most people couldn't without advice from someone experienced in using a doppler.   I'm not anti-doppler, I had one. But in retrospect it wasn't as reassuring as I thought it was at the time.
 It's fine to mention numbers, shapes etc but I really won't worry about skills too much as everything is a learning experience at that age. Just do activities she enjoys.   At that age she'll probably enjoy some messy play. Cornflour/starch mixed with water in a large bowl usually goes down well. Or home made play-do, finger-painting etc. We also spent a lot of time at the library, we did baby signing and music/singing classes etc.   If she's not big on reading...
They're not recommended because most people don't know how to interpret the results.
Actually, seeing a Dr might be helpful as they should be able to refer you to a sleep clinic. It might also be worth discussing the possibility that you could have PPD?   Have you tried the Pick Up/Put Down method with the baby? I know a lot of people who have had success with it. Apologies if you've tried it already.   I would also suggest that Dad takes over the parenting of the three year old at night to give you a bit of a break. One of the previous posters suggested...
Well if it's not the SJW then carry on taking it. If it is then you'll need a different medication anyway as it's no good being depression free if you can't function due to stomach pain. To be honest I'd be surprised if SJW is having a significant effect (other than placebo) so quickly.  
It could be the SHW as it can cause stomach ache. I'd stop taking it and see if symptoms improve. I know you don't have health insurance but if you don't get better soon it would be prudent to see a dr as it could be something that requires treatment such as an ulcer.   Hope you feel better soon.
I had an anterior placenta and had a very active baby. Some babies are less active and some women do find an anterior placenta limits the amount they feel but personally I would get a midwife or dr to give me the once over just to put my mind at rest that it wasn't something more concerning. Hope all is well.
They do exist, but they tend to be pricey. One model would be the stroll-air. Nice thing about ones like this is that you can have the babies facing you. A bunch of other models can be found here.
As everyone else has said, there is a difference in the smell and the nature of the puking. Has he been assessed for reflux if he seems colicky?   As I was advised a couple of years ago if baby seems happy it's a laundry issue,but if baby seems miserable it's a medical issue.  
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