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I didn't expose him before the party out of paranoia. I have really bad luck lol. I did try to expose them after as my girlfriends daughter had new pox. I thought my little guy was going to get them as he was sleeping much longer and really clingy and had 2 spots in his diaper area but they just disappeared with no blistering at all. SO I'm guessing that was not them after all. But my 5 year old is home sick with the flu today, I am wondering if this might be the start...
So not to be the millionth person to start a chicken pox thread or anything but I need opinions. I have 3 boys age 14 years (vax'd ), 4 years (non vax'd) and 19 months (non vax'd). The 14 year old had the chicken pox at 7 or 8 months but I heard at that age you can get them again. The other two have not had the pox. I had the pox at 18 years when my oldest got them and we do not know if my hubby has had them or not. My girlfriends daughter has the chicken pox and another...
For the umbrella stroller http://www.metrotots.com/
I keep our in mesh laundry bags so the peices don't go all over the place. I like the idea of adding grommets and putting them on hooks.
Tenk you were right. I just had a boy this week.
Quote: Originally Posted by lillysweets Sometimes that premature urge to push means the baby is in a posterior position and the back of their head is putting pressure on the bowel nerves of your sacrum. I would recommend pelvic tilts on hands and knees. Ah well it is posterior so that does explain things. The urge to push has gone though so maybe it has turned?
I'm 37 weeks with my 3rd baby, my labors are generally 5 hours or less. The other day my midwife's lokum pointed out that I have been having contractions before that but they are painless. I wasn't even aware that I was having contractions before she pointed it out. She noticed b/c she was checking on the baby and I was having a contraction at the same time. She also pointed out that the babies head was engaged but not all the way. Then later the same day I was having...
-keep only what you love and actually wore -if it made you feel bad, get rid of it -if you were waiting to loose weight and fit into it before your pregnancy you will be waiting even longer now, let it go -ripped, stained/bye bye -special occasion items that haven't been worn in a year or two need to go -items that you wore all the time despite hating them can go
So here's the situation, I'm pregnant with my 3rd, my first 2 are boys and I desperately want a girl. So far I've had 4 ultrasounds and they still don't know what sex the baby is! (1st (19 weeks) tech1 said boy but wasn't sure at all, 2nd (28 weeks) tech2 said wasn't sure but if she had to bet money she would guess girl as there were no signs of boy parts at all, 3rd (32 weeks) tech1 said boy but wasn't sure, might be scrotum? but no sign of penis, 4th (34 weeks) tech2...
If we have a girl we are thinking of the name Teya (Taya). Do you think Teya would be pronounced Tay-a? What are other spelling variations? Taya, Tayah, Teya, Teyah, Tea.......I like Tea but I think that she would be called Tee (like a cup of tea) not Tay-a......help me please.
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