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Well, you are in Canada, and I am not, so I don't know if this applies to you, but you can get unlimited talk/text/data from Straight Talk (a TracFone/WalMart joint venture) for $45/mo. There's no contract. The full keyboard phone is $100.
DH and I are hoping to buy a Tata Nano with our 2010 tax return, as they are due to turn up in the U.S. in 2011. Rumor has it that they will cost $4K new. They get 60MPG, which is why we want one.
Oh, lord yes, do I have plans for our tax return! Pay off all debt except for our van, buy a new bed and a trampoline, and then (with the $$$ freed up from no more stinking debt payments), replace our dinoputer. We are putting $200 a paycheck into escrow. I kid myself and call this our emergency fund. In reality, we save $5200/yr, plus earning a pittance in interest, and pay $1200 in property taxes, $1200 in car insurance, $200 for car tags, $430 for homeowner's...
Ha ha, problem solved! I called AT&T, told them that Charter was offering 1 Mbps for $20, and now I have DSL (1.5Mbps) for $20/mo for a year. Next year, we may go up to 3 for $40, but we have 12 months to figure out what we need. So I'm happy!
Zenni optical has the cheapest glasses around. $8 for a complete pair, $5 flat shipping. So $13 will get you a pair of glasses. DH and I each get 2 pair of glasses, and 1 pair each of RX sunglasses (an additional $5) and it costs us $63.
See, though, that's the thing, we have no taxes at all on our DSL. Our bill is $19.95 a month. Not even sales tax. This single fact was a major reason we ditched the landline- supposedly, we were paying $40/mo, but after taxes and fees it was $60 (just too much!). No, MJ doesn't need a dedicated line, but with 768K DSL, if we were watching video and talking on the phone, we'd get hiccups. If we had DSL *just* for home phone and wireless, I don't imagine we'd have...
Smartview Optical. It's Canadian. (I'm American.) 5+ years ago, I bought $100 worth of my hard to find brand. I still have some (I use the every-two-weeks kind as daily wear.) I got 5 or 6 boxes, so 30-36 pairs, so that works out to ~$1.50 per contact, ppd.
PlayaMama- $17! Wow. The cheapest landline AT&T offers here is $30 after taxes and fees. My dad has CenturyLink as his telco, and it's the same deal- $30 for the cheapest landline, about half of which is taxes and fees. We had unlimited long distance (back when we had a landline), which was, ostensibly, $10 more, but we paid $60/mo for an AT&T landline with unlimited long distance. $20 of that was taxes and junk fees. On the other hand, our AT&T DSL bill is...
For all you mamas of a certain age... I just realized that Hulu has all 19 episodes of "My So-Called Life"! I am going to make DH watch them with me. Also, I may never get any work done ever again.
We use the internet for everything: Netflix & Hulu, Pandora & LaLa, Picasa Web Albums, Google Docs, magicJack, plus regular web things. We don't have TV or traditional home phone. We've been getting dry loop DSL from AT&T for $20/mo for about a year. The nice thing about is that it's $20- no taxes, no fees. But because we do so much with it, it's time to speed things up. We've already gotten a wireless, 4 outlet router/modem. The other speeds of DSL are 1.5Ms...
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