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If you rent in the city where your DH works, what is your plan for your horses?
So I had a $10 GC waiting for me at Walgreen's today (long story), and they had a big display of 25 oz stainless steel water bottles... for $4! DH and I each got one. I'm stoked, because we've been through Siggs (impossible to clean) and Intak (lids have been broken for awhile now. These are called Green Canteens, and they are shaped like Siggs but have a wide opening like a Klean Kanteen so I'll be able to wash them. I feel like I got such a deal.
DD, shortly after potty training, went through a brief but awful phase when she would ask for privacy, and then poop on the floor and play with it. So, so gross.
Oh, and DH has cooked for Madonna, Cyprus Hill, and Apollo Ono.
Oh, lots. Let's see... Janis Ian Keb'Mo Alan Iverson Aaron Neville Tom Cruise (before he was married to Nicole Kidman) Nicole Kidman (after she was divorced from Tom Cruise) Richard Petty, and a bunch of other NASCAR drivers George Clinton (all time favorite meet-in-person celebrity) Ted Nugent (least fave) Jeff Daniels Michael Ian Black Moby Natalie Merchant Sarah McLaughlin Kid Rock Eminem Esham There's a lot musicians, too, but they escape me...
My cherished heart's desire is to have all my electronics fit in a cabinet about the size of a nightstand. I'd like to get this and hook it up to an iPod Touch so that I can stream music from Pandora and LaLa. I'd also like to get a pico projector, and hook it up to the iPod Touch so that we can watch movies and shows streamed from Netflix and Hulu. Yes, we have wireless internet at our house. Does anyone know of any reason that this would not work? I've never...
This is my method. 1) I keep one plastic storage box of clothes per kid. That's it. But, I only have two kids, and they are different sexes. 2) I let my relatives know that I love thrift store/garage sale/hand me down finds. Consequently, I get boxes of stuff mailed to me at least once a year, by my mom, my SIL, and an aunt. 3) I create outfits. DD and DS share a super tiny closet and a tiny dresser, so this system was born out of desperation. All that...
Throw this stuff away! Don't give it another thought, don't spend a dime! A VHS tape? Come on! We've been in the DVD era for what, ten years now? Before we know it, it's all going to be streaming, anyway. Yeah, if you find someone who has the right appliances, the parts will be useful, but it's already been 3.5 years. Are you willing to spend any more time on these items? Big black trash bag. That's what you need to solve these problems.
Yes, I've checked with John and he can get us a copy of his reciept from MBS (window supplier) but all those stickers are long gone- when we pulled them off, we trashed them.
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