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Sure, but the documentation has to be REEEALY specific as to exactly what kind of windows they are for the energy rating. Bottom line, I'm going to have to do some research.
I currently use Shopping List by Home Plan Software. I'm trying to offload all my photos, documents, music, etc., into programs that "live in the cloud"- Flickr, Google Docs, LaLa, etc. (I want to go down to just a netbook, have our house wired with speakers, and get a pico projector- no more desk/entertainment center covered in hard to dust electronics! All this stuff will fit in a single drawer.) Anyway, I have been unable to find an internet based shopping...
Oh, man, this goes from bad to worse! My dad's friend bought the windows for us at cost, and we paid him in cash. So we don't have a receipt. And, don't hate us, by my dad and his friend did the installation for free. So I'm going to have to contact the factory that built the windows (they are custom replacements) and have a receipt generated from John's account. Egad!
DH and I spent $4000 on replacement windows for our house last year. I read on the window manufacturers website that, in order to get the Energy Tax Credit ($1200!), you have to save every sticker off of every window. We did not do this. Frankly, I don't see how we could- they ball up like crazy when you pull them off. Are we screwed?
Quote: Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife It seems to me that you can either get really cheap cell phone service ($20 or less, even $5 per month) or it's $50 or more ($80+ for smart phones/data/internet). Not much in between, b/c of taxes and other fees. IME, this is totally true. The only thing I can think of "inbetweeny" is the Straight Talk 1000 minutes/1000 texts for $30/mo (plus your state's sales tax).
Oh, BTW, SafeLink is available in these states: Alabama Connecticut DC Delaware Florida Georgia Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Michigan New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin
You don't need a contract plan. You don't need a contract plan. You don't need a contract plan. Contract plans are grossly overpriced. Cell companies charge through the nose whenever you go over your alloted minutes so that you will buy more minutes than you think you need. Plus, contract phones all come with taxes and junk fees, so your bill is *always* more than the listed price. If you want to use the Blackberry, check out Boost. All DH's bosses have prepaid...
Many hugs, mama. If your MIL initially opened the card in your DH's name, and he was unaware- which is to say, he didn't sign anything- technically, that is fraud. You would have to contact all the credit bureaus and the creditor, and tell them that it's fraud. Then you'd need to see a lawyer about pressing civil and possibly criminal charges against your MIL so that it doesn't affect your DH's credit or force him into bankruptcy. However, if your DH knowingly...
Can I please get in on this Big Love PM action? Oh, pretty please? This is, without a doubt, the best drama on TV. But the thing is, I don't have a TV. Darn it!
Is there a good one out there? I'm putting in the same info in different calculators, and getting wildly variable amounts back. $2900, $3700, $4600, etc. I've been putting in that DH has not paid any withholding (even though I know he has, but not a ton) on a $34K income, 3 dependents (me, and two littles), married filing jointly, $5K in energy efficient home improvements. That's it. I should think that it's pretty straightforward. Any thoughts?
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