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Can I join you ladies?   DS2 is 18 months and still no AF for me. About two weeks ago I had what appeared to be fertile CM, and then CM that was pinkish and tinged with blood. Yikes! I was very nauseous last night, but haven't tested yet. A pregnancy right now wouldn't be ideal. I'm still nursing quite a bit and don't want to nurse through a pregnancy, I want to get back into shape, and money is very tight for us right now. Does it sound like I may have...
she's 5 ft tall...  very tall for her age!  she's been wanting to ride in the front seat now.  she weighs about 77-78 lbs.  do you know if she's big enough to ride safely in the front seat now?
she is 10. no restraint, but i will make sure the head rests are up.  thanks!  :)
i forgot to ask...   so would it even be possible to get TA installed for the 3rd row?  or because it has TA in the 2nd row, they wouldn't do it?  thanks!
nak...   i thought this would be the case...  i heard the pilot has more options for car seat installations in the 3rd row, but we wanted a hybrid.  it's a 2008.  ds is almost 5 yo and about 36-37 lbs.  i haven't measured his height in a while...   it sounds like the safest place for him is the second row, so we'll keep him there and dd will just have to crawl through car seats to get back to the 3rd row.  :)   thank you for your input!
DS is currently in a Graco Nautilus.  We just bought a Toyota Highlander and I was hoping to be able to install his car seat in the 3rd row, but it doesn't have any LATCH or TA back there.  Huge bummer!  I could try and see if I can get a tight install with the seatbelt, but without the TA would that be safe?  Or would you keep him in the 2nd row where the seat is currently installed with LATCH and TA?
No advice, but I wanted to let you know that so far I've gained 40 lbs this pregnancy...  I always gain a ton of weight while pregnant.  I've been snacking on lots of fruit and drinking high protein smoothies to fill me up, but I'm still packing on the pounds.  I have little control when it comes to things like chips or cookies, so I try to keep them out of house so I'm not tempted.  I also stick to drinking mostly ice water (with lots of ice - like Gwendolyn, I'm loving...
Congratulations!!  He's so cute!!!
I had my membranes stripped with DS, and while I wouldn't do it again at 38 weeks, I would definitely do it if I went beyond 41 weeks.
Thanks!  I told myself with this pregnancy I wasn't going to focus on an EDD...  just say early June and be pleasantly surprised if we welcomed baby any sooner.  Yeah, that's worked out really well.     I lost my mucus plug and had bloody show this morning...  and while I know it could still be weeks away, at least it's a sign that SOMETHING is happening!!!  
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