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Quote: Originally Posted by alegna But did he still fit by strap height? I've yet to hear of a single child who outgrew a seat by weight before height. Hmmm- we switched him to a booster when he was 5; the straps were still just above his shoulders then, but he may not have been 40 pounds yet.
People who have never had one of their children die.
If chlorine is the only issue, it usually evaporates out if you let it sit in an open container for a few hours. You can get glass carboys that would probably fit your dispenser, but they're darn heavy when they're full.
We don't buy any toys for my kids; they need to spend their own money which they get from grandparents. (Probably works out to $6-ish a month for my 6-year-old.) They can buy whatever they want with their own money. (We don't buy books; that's what the library is for.) If you're concerned about buying the new stuff for environmental reasons, a trip to a thrift shop would be a great idea- virtually no negative environmental impact and your kid gets more bang for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Potty Diva And I wouldn't agrue against this point, but, you don't know who the "good" strangers are or the "bad" ones, so why take that risk? I don't know exactly which risks you're thinking of when you say that, but my reason to believe that almost everyone means well is because it allows me to more fully engage with my community and it keeps my children and me from living in fear.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna It's great that they will last you LONGER, but you will still end up needing to purchase another higher limit 5pt harness seat. Unless you don't feel the need to keep kids in 5-point harnesses. My son didn't hit 40 pounds until he was 6, and spends less than an hour a week in the car. So we went straight to a booster.
Quote: Originally Posted by ohiomommy1122 Was it your family pediatrician or was it one at the hospital?? Family, but he had an affiliation with the hospital. Most hospitals I know of allow you to see your own doctors there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rockies5 Just let this be a warning to the mamas that think they are done We thought very carefully about the vasectomy, deciding that no matter what we wouldn't have another given how awful my pregnancies are- but things sure can change. Even now, when neither of us can imagine going through having another, I won't let my husband get a vasectomy again because I know how things can change- I might decide to have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rockies5 funny thing is that he read this thread and now wants to do the surgery. Those that have a moment, how bad was it? We had such a time with recovery last time but I think most of that was due to the dr. I hate to say it, but it's bad. Much worse than the vasectomy. The surgery took something like 5 hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by hetaera I just wanted to say I know absolutely nothing at all about this topic... but he still produces sperm right? so couldnt a doctor harvest some from him in some way? We actually researched this because it seemed logical, but they're not able to get sperm in large enough numbers for artificial insemination- only in vitro, and even that's iffy depending on the age of the vasectomy. No insurance that I know of...
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