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Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration instead of sitting around engaging in a veggier-than-thou pissing contest, can we talk about how we can all, veg and omni alike, change the world by making mindful food choices? I didn't perceive anyone on this thread as engaging in a pissing contest- I see vegetarians venting their frustrations about people who make their lives difficult by confusing the masses about what vegetarianism means.
If you're really worried, you could consider emergency contraception.
I checked out three hours after giving birth. I told my midwife in advance that I wanted to, and found a pediatrician to sign off on my daughter in advance. The nursing staff was aghast. It likely can be done no matter where you are, but it'll go a lot better if you plan ahead.
If the vasectomy was done properly and he was tested sterile post-op, the chances are miniscule. Sorry. If you do decide to go the surgical route, my husband had a reversal if you have questions about it.
I just ran across that article too- and I'm sticking with my mortgage! I wrote more here: http://rainfamily.blogspot.com/2007/...ems-to-be.html
Good luck! We just had a laid-back yard sale, in which we put our stuff out (didn't have much) and asked people to put money in a can; we're donating the whopping $18 we made to the Elephant Sanctuary.
Britax's do have cool features, but I think a lot of the raves you see about them are kind of the same reason Subaru station wagons are de rigeur among my social circle 'round here- someone told someone they were the best, so everyone went out and got one, not really thinking about whether they were really worth the additional cost, when (as you said) that money could be spent on a lot of other things. How about spending the extra money on delivery service for some of the...
We use mostly china pretty much from birth, but our kids have always insisted on having someone sit with them while they eat, so we can stop any flying dish problems before they start. This depends on personality, but my kids don't intentionally throw dishes after 18 months or so, and carry their own very carefully. I've probably broken more dishes than they have. We also have some enamel-covered metal ones that came in a picnic set, and some wooden salad bowls that are...
I view insurance as a way to keep us from losing our house if one of us has a major accident/ illness. I'm perfectly happy to take the risk of paying out of pocket up to the point where we wouldn't be able to cover our mortgage, so a high deductible plan would be great for us. (If only I could find one in NY state....) So sorry about your health and financial troubles. Gee, maybe government health insurance would be a neat idea, so people didn't have to go bankrupt over...
Cut off the neckband and re-sew it if you want it to look finished, or: make underwear! http://www.supernaturale.com/articles.html?id=70
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