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Quote: Originally Posted by streuselmama I make big batches of pancakes/scones/muffins once a month or so, then freeze them so we can pull from this "stash" all month. I cannot figure out what to place them in other than a plastic bag. It is my understanding that I shouldn't use a container that would have extra air space, as this would promote freezer burn. We do the same thing (well, not recently because my kids will now eat as much as we'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by BinahYeteirah I've been trying those places. I guess I'm just picky, but I find more of their shoes to be hideous. Weird pink shoes with sliver stripes, shoes that look like they are for adults, etc. When they do have a more classic style, it's usually leather. : Yes, most of their shoes are hideous; you have to search for the few each year that aren't.
I wouldn't give up the light and energy loss of leaving the ACs in the windows year-round. Store 'em! Keepsakes- go through them one more time to make sure you want everything in there; downsize if possible. Christmas stuff- I personally don't like fake Christmas trees enough to store one, but if it's something you like, then keep it! We don't put up a tree ourselves (but we visit relatives who have one, so we're not deprived) and I hang the decorations on cords...
Only thing you might want to consider- your kids might want their clothes more neatly stored in a few years when they're old enough to possibly care about wrinkles, etc. So if your dressers are not of the easily-replaceable-used type, you might consider saving one. You can also use it for storage of out-of-season clothes and hand-me-downs, so it's not just taking up space.
Another option, so the task of going through the bags isn't so overwhelming- do your plan, but only one room at a time. And depending on the state of your home, it might be helpful to go through your house just once with a bag that's purely for trash/ recycling- that shouldn't take more than a couple hours.
You could try girls' tanks in solid colors, or cutting the sleeves of t-shirts. (I, personally, don't like sleeveless shirts for my kids because of the increased sun exposure....)
I like the ideas in the book, but like Lila, my husband was really harassed by his older brother and it had a real negative impact on his life. So it's hard to know where and when to draw the line between too little and too much intervention....
Quote: Originally Posted by BambooMama But sometimes you just really need a bag!?!??! For what, specifically? Having never used plastic wrap in my life, and rarely used plastic bags, I honestly don't know what scenarios you're talking about.
I replace things with higher quality stuff by buying used. Thrift stores and yard sales often have that sort of thing or nicer IMO handmade stuff. If you're willing to devote two hours a month looking for used stuff, you could probably redo your entire kitchen within six months.
We have a clothing swap annually; everyone we know shows up with all their unwanted clothes and takes what they want. A friend takes the leftovers to a charity. We also have a lot of people over to our house regularly, and we keep a box on our porch of things we're getting rid of. Usually more than half of it disappears before we need to do anything else with it. I've also lived in towns with swap areas, if you can convince your landfill to give space for that.
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