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I prefer not to have room "themes" because I think they can limit some kids' creative play. I'd only do it if my kid REALLY wanted something in particular and was old enough to make a fairly wise decision. I also don't think it's a good idea to decorate a room in a "theme" that's only likely to be enjoyed for a couple of years at most, because of the waste of replacing/ repainting/ whatever.
We rented a carseat from a car rental place, and it was outdated and unsafe. I would've felt safer strapping my 2-year-old in with the seat belt alone. I don't really understand your scenario (you only own one carseat?), but you can NOT count on renting a decent seat.
We allow our kids to swear, but ask them not to do it in public, and explain why. My husband and I swear ourselves, and we're not going to be hypocrites.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunchyCici I'd feel odd wasting water to flush food waste. Potentially better for the earth than wrapping it in plastic and sending it to a landfill, though- the stuff is likely to break down pretty quickly through sewage treatment, but could take decades (or forever?) in a sanitary landfill.
I'd use none. I think homes look more streamlined/ less cluttered without them, and especially in a kitchen, they tend to get dirty.
Quote: Originally Posted by sntm I can't believe a baby could really be born with an antisocial personality disorder. I can- but I think intense intervention can make a huge difference. Problem is, not everyone has it in them to give all to a kid who's truly unpleasant to be around....
It depends on what size bread you use! We have purchased oneas that are too small for our bread-machine bread and too big for graham crackers, so I'll probably make better-sized ones for both. Try making a typical sandiwch and wrapping it in paper to see what the best size/ closure placement would be for YOUR food.
A lot of local booksellers will give you one, too- don't feel like you have to shop at the chains!
The amount varies a LOT depending on your family. I have allergies and am constantly dripping, but I re-use the same handkerchief all day. Some people (most, I guess!) rarely use tissues unless they're sick, but then they need a LOT. What we have, for what it's worth- I have about a dozen for myself. My husband has maybe five. As backup, I have dozens of rags cut from old cotton t-shirts, which are great for when one of us is really sick. (My kids refuse to blow their...
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka II would however not hesitate to tell her she didn't have to do if she didn't want to. I care very little about grades and especially if my child had chosen to go to school when homeschooling was an option I would be inclined to leave the matter completely between her and her teacher. This is what I have done. Weirdly, it's been three months since my son did any homework, and the teacher hasn't noticed yet. We...
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