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I think it's disturbing that some people are willing to reject friendships with half the population because of their gender.
Baking soda. Wash with it, then put it on post-shower. Works better for me than any of the heavy-duty commercial stuff.
Truthfully- my 12-month-old hates baths with a passion. Always has. We've tried all sorts of different ways of keeping her from SCREAMING the entire time she's in the water, and nothing has worked. So we wipe her down every once in a while, but today we gave her the first "real" bath she's probably had for 2 or 3 months. It's just not worth it!
I so relate. I inadvertantly got pregnant when my first son was 18 months old. It was a tough pregnancy; I was working full-time and spent most of my non-rroking hours in bed, trying not to throw up, and convincing myself that while it was really hard just then, it was going to end up AWESOME to have kids 2 years apart so they'd be close and we could do more family stuff more easily, etc. etc. And then I had a stillborn. At the time, I didn't think it was possible for...
I think you handled it great. I would not assume that there was abuse going on, as many other posters suggested (though it's never something to discount, either). I remember playing "doctor" when I was 4, and we did keep it a secret not because we were abused in any way, but because nudity, etc. was such a clear taboo in our society- we knew that, even at 4, and didn't have to ask to know it.
Wrapping it in polyethylene would dramatically cut emissions, but I don't know if it would make it crinkly sounding. Can you air it out on a porch or in a room with open windows for a while? That could make a big difference (otherwise the emissions will just stay in your room).
I've heard that it's hard to NOT get enough protein, too, but have not found that to be the case for me. Or maybe it has to do with getting particular amino acids- I don't know- but while our pasta and and other grains supposedly have lots of protein in them, I can't eat a meal of pasta and feel right. I need to have nuts or beans or dairy with it for my body to function properly. So if you feel fine, I wouldn't worry. If not, eat handfuls of almonds, slather hummous...
Quote: Originally Posted by honeybeedreams have found that as my son has gotten older i am less and less interested in spending time with parents who's values are different than mine. and i don't really want my son to play with their kids either. I definitely understand not wanting to hang out with people whose values differ dramatically from yours. But can you explain why you don't want your son to hang out with non-APed kids?
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyofshmoo The one treat each thing is some kind of stand against consumerism, gluttony, etc. The kids have to line up in quiet anticipation, then put their hand in and grab one thing- then have to pretend that they are overjoyed to receive a pencil and wouldn't want anything else anyway. See, I agree with their stand. All holidays can be REALLY fun without all the "stuff" that goes along with them. I'd love to go...
We rarely handle animals. I ask my son how he'd feel if a giant came and picked him up and waved him around and possibly hurt him, etc. I think he gets the point.
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