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The zinc-oxide based sunscreen available at my local health food store is SO expensive, I was wondering if I could use the plain old zinc oxide that I use on DD as diaper rash creme as sunscreen, and how effective it would be. I checked out the label on the rash creme and it says it's only 15% zinc oxide. Would that be enough or would I have to find a higher percentage? Or should I just not risk it and stick with the expensive New Co zinc oxide sunscreen? TIA!
My DD just turned one last week and we're still going strong! Isn't it a great feeling?
Garlic? Wow, who knew?!
I went to a used store and bought a bunch of durable toys that would clean easily for DD's b-day next week. I bought lots of extras, because everyone and their uncle wants to buy DD 1st birthday presents, so I asked them to buy things we need (like safety gates) instead of toys I don't want DD to have, and I'm going to give her the extra presents that I got her as gifts from them.
Consider asking her to try foods that are naturally iron-rich, instead of artificially "fortified." The iron is more bio-available in natural sources, especially breastmilk.
My 11-month-old DD is pretty skinny. It seems like all the diapers we have for her are too big around the tummy and around the legs, and she is always leaking out of them, which is really frustrating. Can anyone recommend a brand of CD that worked well for their LO? I'm particularly interested in pocket diapers and diaper covers. TIA!
Do you think you might have buildup? That could cause stiffness.
I remember reading and responding to your first post, and I couldn't read this one without responding. I'm so sorry you still feel this way. Try to remember that there is no "normal" time at which you should stop having these feelings, but there is a point where it is a good idea to say, "I'm not happy with the way I feel and especially with the way these feelings are so deeply effecting me, and I'm going to ask a professional with experience to help me get past this." It...
I am not a vegetarian, however DD is a very picky eater and won't eat meat. I don't know much about vegetarian or vegan living so I'd love to hear some suggestions about other sources of iron that are okay to introduce for my 11-month-old. (So far, most of what I've read centers around meat products, or foods that I'm not sure I can introduce before a year.) Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by amberbella I, for one, saw the movie "Idiocracy" and found it feasible. I've decided that it is my duty to have children....if only to save the world from that sad premise. I saw that movie, too, and although I didn't like it, I thought the premise was hilarious, and, as you said, feasible, and in fact, statistically accurate. I remember learning in school that statistically, the higher education one has, the fewer...
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