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Sorry, I was in a rush and I forgot to add the poll.  Can you please just give your opinion?  Thanks.
Mods, I didn't put this in the religion forum because it's not a religious issue.   Catholics, can you please answer a question without googling?  I'd really appreciate it.  DH and I had a disagreement about an issue and I need to see if something he said is a commonly held belief.   Question: Would you, as a Catholic, be offended if your child went to an Anglican youth group which was having an "orange night"? (wear orange clothes).   DH (Catholic) says...
She sounds very constipated and might have fecal impaction.  If you can't help her at home soon she probably needs to see her pediatrician, who will want an x-ray to see how serious the problem is.   Have you tried prune juice?  Dried apricots (not too many) or sultanas/raisins are good but you have to be careful with the dose.   Massaging in a clockwise direction around her belly button might help (use a massage oil).  Squatting her in a bucket of warm to hot...
Of course people can change!   I've been given the advice (by professionals) that it takes around 2 years for true colors to show.  Anyone can keep up a charade for 2 years, but once they start heading towards the 3 year mark it becomes harder to keep living a lie.  Unfortunately in a few relationships, this means a new baby is now part of the relationship and the mother stays and puts up with bad behaviour.
DDC crashing, sorry (saw this in new posts). My friend recently named her baby Ayrton (air-ton) and I love it so much.
I can't wait to read the update on Monday!
Ah, that makes sense.  I'm just going by the threads I saw when the glitch meant that forum was open.  I didn't see any other forums being discussed in there but I'm aware that other places do the same thing (ie snark MDC and send members over to cause trouble).  
Are you denying that there are/were hidden threads about discussions at TWWS?  Or are you denying that threads were C&P'd?
I bet the mods here love that you think you're better than them.  There are plenty of discussion and mocking threads about TWWS here at MDC - and there have been for years.  You just can't see them.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) a glitch meant that the whole board was exposed once and I saw the forum.  It's up the top of the main page, near the Q&A section.
I don't feel the need to sign any of my posts with my qualifications so that they're more valid than those of anyone else.   But, since people want to nitpick ...   I have 2 degrees and nearly 15 years of experience in my field (including university research and articles published in international journals).  I am a mandated reporter and I train others in this area, so yes - in my opinion my advice was that of an expert.  I stand by it.  If a person came to me IRL with...
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