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  Take him to a pediatrician right now.  Get an emergency appointment.  Have him assessed for other signs of sexual abuse.  Get him to a safe place (ie a child therapist) and get this off the internet.  Do you realise how serious your post is?
Other: a wooden sled made for sliding down hills in winter, but I do not live in Canada or the USA.
In the same state, about 2.5 hours away (it takes around 16 hours to drive from one side of my state to the next, though).   I wish we lived closer.
I can't vote in polls (don't know why) but put me down for "absolutely love it, sounds great with your DD's name and sounds fantastic with David as a middle name".
It sounds like a lovely idea!  A little ray of sunshine to help your family's pain can never be a bad thing.  
My kids seem to be a lot calmer when the house is organised.  Chaos leads to chaos, I guess?
My first thoughts were Molly and Milla (maybe short for Camilla - but Camilla would also work for Milly).   Other ideas: Ellie Charlotte Maggie Alice Josie Elsie Nellie Ivy Matilda (Tilly)   Good luck!
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Good for you!  You've done the right thing.  The money isn't worth putting up with her.
I'm sorry for your loss.   I'd make multiple copies, no matter what you decide.  It would be devastating to lose all of his pictures if the laptop overheated or you got a virus.
New Posts  All Forums: