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Welcome to MDC!  I saw your thread in new posts ... there are some great forums to offer you support here.
Quote: Originally Posted by provocativa I think that Strong Believer slipped when she used 1800 as a general date to make assertions about traditional diet. There is plenty of research that pre-agricultural homo sapiens had different bodies. World Without Cancer and Angry, Brutish, and Short? are two books that come to mind. There is ample archeological evidence of straight teeth, and long bones, in the presence of adequate traditional diets, and yes,...
Quote: Originally Posted by peainthepod Yes, that was the average life expectancy, not life span. If many many babies died before age two, it would drag the average age of death down to around 40 or so. But the average life span shoots up for the people who survived to adulthood. As I said, there were plenty of elderly around back then and most people who survived childhood had a fair chance of living to be quite old. It was just surviving to adulthood...
#1: meat #2: milk
Very long, hot shower, then I'd sunbathe naked, stretched out under the blue sky on the green grass and soak up the sun and colors for a long time. Then I'd ring a psychologist and have a long chat. I don't know how they coped being stuck down there .
Quote: Originally Posted by peainthepod Actually, that's not quite accurate. Life expectancy and life span are not synonymous. With infant mortality very high, the life expectancy averages were dragged way down. People who survived to adulthood long ago had a fair chance of living to be quite old, barring events like plague and war. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_ex..._vs._life_span The average age of death in 1880 was 40.5.
I work with Indigenous Australians (their preferred term if you're not referring to a specific Nation/Tribe - but if you use the word Aboriginal please capitalise it ) and infant circumcision is practically unheard of (the women I'm close to often speak openly about body modification procedures, but I never initiate these conversations out of respect for their culture). Circumcision is performed at initiation (which can start at age 12) but many are turning against it....
Quote: Originally Posted by EFmom There is no benefit. See, for example, Alfie Kohn's The Homework Myth. He does a very good job of analyzing the research that's been done on homework and academic achievement. The Australian system is very different, but here teachers don't set homework for academic reasons. They only do it to develop good work habits (the model we received was "come home, have a snack and a play then sit down quietly for 5...
Quote: Originally Posted by daniellebluetoo So now along comes a spider... Are you aware that 'spider' is a slang word for child molester?
Oh, come on! Page 4 and there's no "to be or not to be" joke?!
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