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I'm sorry you can't go to your cousin's wedding. I think sending a cheque is a nice gesture. Sure it's bad etiquette to mention gifts in the invitation ... but on the other hand it's good etiquette to send a gift if you can't attend. Them breaking etiquette rules doesn't mean it's ok for you to do so as well, imo.
Australia: Bubblers Fizzy drink or soft drink Stand in line Eat subs Sit on the lounge Wear thongs on my feet Love choc chip bikkies Love tomato sauce on my chips Would never root for a team Used textas to colour in. My husband grew up in the same state, but about 14 hours away from my hometown and our lingo is incredibly different. I eat devon, he eats fritz. I see telegraph poles, he sees stobie poles. I drank poppers, he drank fruit boxes. We had a different...
Quote: Originally Posted by heather_c I am an obsessive rule follower, and I think you are totally OK. None of the options you presented were "reasonable" for your family. Me too. I think it's perfectly ethical and reasonable for you to request exemption.
I can honestly say it's never occurred to me to try it. I had no idea that people even do it.
Yes, definitely. Our decision to buy our house was based mostly on what was good for our children. We only looked at houses that fit all of our criteria, so within that if we found a house we liked (we had our first viewings without the children) we'd take them back, then get their thoughts. It didn't turn out to be a problem - the house we liked the most was also the house the kids liked the most ... and if there had been a huge clash of opinions we would have...
The law here is that they must be in a booster until 7 years old. My tiny 10 year old (25kg, about 125cm) will be in one until he's 18, lol. I they say to keep them in it until they're 145cm tall. My 13 year old (who is now 5'8 and 55kg, so the same height but a few kilograms thinner than me) was his brother's size when he was 7 and he moved out of the booster when he was 8.
Quote: Originally Posted by Christine&men So, I have been reading up on it, this is my third pregnancy and last time they almost declared me diabetic... Yuck... What are the numbers you (or your doc/midwife/doula/etc) go by? From the Endocrine Web I got fasting under 105, 1 h under 190, 2 h under 165 an 3 hours under 145 From the NIH fasting under 95, 1h under 180, 2h under 155 and 3 hours under 140 If I remembr correctly they thought me...
My first thought was Josephine or Madeline (not Madeleine or Madelyn - I think the 'line' ending flows better). I agree with a PP that it needs to have a few syllables. Alexandra or Emmeline might work too.
Never. But I don't feel safe with them when I'm home alone either (we live in a good area of a small city - you just don't leave your windows open).
I plunge them into ice water after they finish boiling, then I crack them all over and put them back into the water, leaving them for at least 5 minutes. The water seeps through the cracks and helps the shell separate from the egg and it slides off.
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