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I'm in Australia - I get most of my work clothes from Colorado and Sussan and casual clothes from Esprit, Just Jeans and Jeans West.
Well it's gotta be an awesome place if you can play daredevil on the weekend, then still have your job on Monday! lol. Most teachers in other countries have contacts upholding them to certain standards (certainly no law breaking stunts). Teachers here in Australia have been cautioned that if their facebook profile shows them drinking / obviously drunk they can lose their job. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dudesons I've studied the Finnish education system a little...
This sounds good: http://www.californiacountry.org/rec...s.aspx?rID=473 http://www.familyfriendlyfood.com/20...g-to-remember/ (I don't use breadcrumbs, I use crumbled Weet Bix - is there an equivalent in the US? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weet-Bix
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy If one inhaler lasted years that is not something at all I would see as "dangerous" or "chronic" Just addressing the 'chronic' part. Chronic asthma is defined as an asthmatic condition which is long term (in this case, over 3 years) and persistent. It's chronic because the inflammation is there, whether the attacks are occurring or not. This child fits the description of a chronic asthmatic. ...
Your doctor is concerned about your son's chronic, untreated asthma for good reason. It would be foolish of you to refuse the treatment he deserves. Asthma can be deadly.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan that things get sorted out. I hate to say it, but I'd start applying for a new job just in case. Even without a revenge firing if the director is willing to ignore that sort of behavior by an employee, the place could end up getting shut down. Yep. Sadly, I'd be looking for a new job ... but you've done the right thing here. My son dislocated (truly dislocated, not just nursemaids elbow) his...
It's very faint but I can see it. Congratulations!
Yikes, no way! I voted other: buy some peeptoe stockings. They hurt after hours and hours (there's a bit that goes between your toes, like flip flops) but it's so much better than having the toe of nylons show through the peeptoe. Kayser have them, I'm not sure where they'd be available in the US. They look like this: http://www.zodee.com.au/hosiery/kays...ShoppingCom_AU
We need for me to work a couple of days a week. Unfortunately at the moment my job requires me to work either fulltime or nothing. I'd prefer to be at home part time.
Have you heard of Count Me In Too? It's a brilliant Australian programme. http://www.curriculumsupport.educati....au/countmein/
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