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I saw this in new posts - I'm not a single parent but I hope it's okay for me to come in and offer my support. Huge hugs.
No method failure for us. No alcohol either.
It sounds like he is intolerant to something else in dairy - maybe casein? My son is lactose intolerant and like your son, dairy is one of the few things he eats willingly. We use the lactase enzyme a few times a week - we try to steer clear of dairy because even with the lactase he gets bumps on his skin, but it's a lesser of two evils type of thing. The bumps are the only negative thing associated with dairy so we know that dairy is not ideal for him ... but neither...
Not in your DDC but popping in to wish you all the best!
Yes, always. I don't like having a messy house whether I'm coming home from work or vacation but my true reasons for cleaning like crazy before we leave to go away are a bit more morbid. The thought of dying in a car accident if my house was messy ... my poor family, having just been through that - then having to clean up my messy house? That the thought that motivates me most.
We used to use it. Then I got pregnant.
Yes, always
Meals! The people who came over with food were immediately elevated to 'coolest people in the world' on my list.
Maksym is actually the Polish spelling. Quote: MAKSYM: Polish form of Greek Maksimos, meaning "the greatest."
I just asked my family. One DS says my eyes are green. The other says they're hazel. My DH says they're brown.
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