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5: The pill The mini pill Mirena Condoms NFP We've also used withdrawl but I didn't count it because I don't see it as 'birth control' (eg the 12 year old sitting next to me). ETA: does the morning after pill count as birth control?
I voted to call the cops, but that was before I read the thread. I hope they get to the bottom of the mystery!
Quote: Originally Posted by darcytrue Plus, I'm sure her family is a bit embarrassed of her considering she got pregnant and the father has never been in the picture at all. I'm still working my way through the thread, so I don't know if anyone else has mentioned that Sophia's Dad isn't in the picture because he died? ETA yep, I should have waited until I got to the end, lol. Also - Amber isn't pregnant again, I saw somewhere that she updated...
I found it very easy to lose weight while I was breastfeeding, but as soon as my sons weaned I started to gain weight (and it was HARD to lose). OTOH, some people find it hard to lose any weight while they're nursing and it comes off after the baby weans. Good luck!
My older son was riding a 2 wheeler around his 4th birthday, I think. My older son had absolutely no interest in a 2 wheeler until he was 8 (he'd been riding a motorbike for years before he got on a bicycle).
Bunnyflakes, you rock! What a great thread, I love that your confidence is shining through and that you've found peace from your victory. And to feel your clothes getting bigger? Priceless! I wish you much health and happiness as you keep going on this journey.
It was released here a couple of days ago - excellent stuff!
I'm in tears too. I'm so sorry for your loss. Run free, Lacey.
I know that my doctor's kid is intact - firstly because I babysat him from the time he was a couple of months old and secondly because my doc is extremely anti-circ, refuses to do them and is outspoken in changing the minds of parents who ask him to do it. But I'm in Australia, and I know the majority of doctors here are like that. Not all, but most.
I voted for the 2nd option. I'd consider a mirena, that way you can put a timeframe on maybe getting a vasectomy. They last for 5 years and they're pretty effective.
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