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awesome to know mamas - thank you! i'll take the newborn GMDs and fold them inside our red ones!
week 46 (a bit over 10.5 months) is a really big milestone for babies, so it's normal for them to be more active and do more night waking. It should ease up about week 47 or 48. My DD will be 46 weeks on Thursday and I'm counting down the days!
Love love love my Beco. We have the owl pattern too, and DH wears her in it more than I do. While I can see that the extra step might frustrate some, for us, it means my DH is much more comfortable wearing her. He's not comfortable doing a toss onto his back (whereas it doesn't bother me at all) so the ability to secure her then put her on his back means he wears her a ton.
We're traveling Wednesday and I'm taking prefolds with us since we're flying and I don't have room for my pockets. Plus, I'll be handwashing for a few days and figure PFs will be the best for that. I was just going to buy sposies for nightime, but now that I've started thinking about it, maybe I should use PFs at night too. Marion STTN from about 7p.m. to 4 a.m., up for a feeding, then up for good 7a.m. Will a prefold hold up that long? We use BGs double stuffed...
Hopefully based on feedback they've gotten elsewhere, WonderWild will have at least a few weekend open playtime hours. The tot spot is great for bigger kids, but there's no separation from the little ones and it was so crowded (even on the weekdays) that my little crawler was just getting bulldozed.
I'd wash and pull out of the washer before you go (if you can.) NM - I just read they won't be done washing before you get home. I'd spread out your dirty dipes so that they have a chance to air dry and just come home to dirty dipes. I wouldn't want to risk the chance of mildew in the washer.
We use a BG 3.0 double stuffed with two full sized liners and she soaks it at night, but no leaks.
Here are some pictures of my LO in a prefold if you want to see how they look Three weeks old in a newborn orange edge from GMD and a BSWW in newborn She was about seven lbs in that photo One month old in orange edge and a BSWW in small Another month old pic in an orange edge with a snappi With a snappi, it's bulkier because I use just a newspaper fold with a cover and I think that's trimmer (or at least trimmer through the legs) And two months old in an...
My LO and I are getting ready to take a ten day trip and we'll be traveling with just prefolds and covers. On our previous trips, we've just traveled with 'sposies, but this is our longest trip and I've gone over a month without buying 'sposies and just don't want to buy that many for that long! Since we're flying, I have limited luggage space and for four days, I'm going to have to hand wash. So I'll use 'sposies at night and pfds during the day. Any hints, tips or...
I had not been to the old one, but I met some friends at the TotSpot for a playgroup and was really, really, really disappointed. My little girl is pretty much a bulldozer of a kid and she got run over by all the way too big kids in there. I understand that parents have different age kids, but if you have to bring your seven year old, please don't let them run wild and knock over my crawling ten month old! There's a new place opening soon...
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