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Toe socks give me toe cramps and make my feet hot. Also, I want to still be able to show off my pedicures.
I've known Viola for years online and she was in my state visiting relatives so I snagged her for an evening. Got to meet her dds as well! They were all lovely! I love getting to meet my online friends.
Yeah, I saw all those ones on sock dreams but I really need to feel them. Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm going to check out the dance and yoga shops.
Anyone know where I can buy these in person? I want to feel them and judge their size so buying online doesn't really work. I have psoriasis on the bottoms of my feet and I just really cannot go sock-less. But I have all these lovely and cute flip flops. I am working on knitting myself a pair of toeless socks but I think I want some stocking type ones (like peds, but without toes but with a connection between the big toes and the smaller toes). I've looked at some...
Oh, I missed this! I'm glad your appointment went well, FoG! I got to meet Viola this week! That was the highlight. The rest of the week has been pretty blah. I'm tired and really want to spend a day in bed but I have to work today and I have errands to run this evening. :/
ITA, especially with the first bit about the stroller. I mean, I can see you had an assumption but I don't know if that is a reasonable one. I can think of times I would have loved a loving family member to take a cranky baby on a bit of a walk so I could have a meal or visit more freely with other family member. To me, that was always one of the big pluses of larger family gatherings when my kids were very young. I can completely see offering to take one of my nieces...
I wept the entire episode, 'cuz that's how I am. I wasn't really surprised by anything but I though the whole series has been done really well. I also can't express how pleased I am that the positive pregnancy test wasn't a cliffhanger where we were set up to think it could have been any woman of childbearing age in the whole extended family. When I saw the preview last week, I was so worried it would be some awful curve ball (like Max's aide was back and maybe she...
The kids have been pretty good today. Mostly quiet, doing some reading and coloring. They are pretty awesome.
(((Foggy))) Good luck today! I'm working and chilling today. Glad it's almost Friday!
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