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I don't know what the stats on poly vs mono couples and divorce, but if anyone has them, I'd love to see them. There would be a lot of differences, though, in the relationship structures that I think would be hard to control for to make a study relevant. My anecdotal evidence is that (and this is very general and anecdotal!) poly couples do a lot more intentional and regular discussion about relationship value, rules, goals, desires, issues. And that kind of open and...
I'm a fan of soy candles but they are not always convenient so I'll be watching this thread for ideas! I do clean with vinegar solutions and I sometimes add in some essential oils with scents I like (citrusy smells for the kitchen, sweeter or floral scents for the living areas/bathrooms). But that smell doesn't hang for long.
Wow, that's a deal! Woot! Post pics when you get them up! Work has been super quiet today. Next week we have some people on vacation so I am trying to enjoy the calm while I can. I keep thinking I might get up and start a load of laundry, but I then I find it's time to refresh tumblr or check twitter again. My dp just tweeted that he's having a rough day so maybe I'll run out and get him a nice bottle of whiskey for when he gets home. I'm done early today anyway.
FWIW, polyamorous people and swingers are some of the most conscientious people with respect to the prevention of disease transmission. Planned, discussed, prepared sex is generally going to be safer than the kind of reckless spontaneous sex associated with secretive affairs. Monogamy may be statistically safer, but by no means is the world of polyamory a disease-ridden community.
It's Taco Tuesday! We actually ended up having black bean taquitos and quesadillas, but we were in the spirit of Taco Tuesday. We also went to kid3's student lead conference. It's like a parent teach conference, only the kid replaces the teacher. She's in 3rd grade. She had put together a portfolio and several report cards where she used her test/quiz/homework/classwork grades to evaluate her performance. It was really neat. Then we went to Trader Joe's and bought...
It's part-time (even though I've been working FT since Christmas and now I'm at 35-38 hours a week). I don't even get any sick or vacation time. I don't think I have ever in my life had a job, full or part time, without any sick or vacation or personal time. And I get 4 hours for a holiday. I just gave myself a manicure and I hate it. I was going for pastels polka-dots, something light and spring-like and it looks awful. Trying to figure out if I have the energy to...
No, I would have said something as well. I think it's one of those situations where you did the right thing but it still turned our unfairly for you. I think the other mom will probably get over it and just reacted with anger because the whole thing made her uncomfortable. When she reflects, I can't imagine she would think she'd have preferred no one clue her or her dd in. Maybe she wishes your dd had just spoken to her dd about it and left the adults out? I don't...
Thanks! Not much of a change, really. No more $$, no benefits. Biggest change is paid every 2 weeks instead of every week. I had no idea private sector could suck so bad. Last time I worked for the corporate world, the economy was a lot stronger and employers were more motivated to offer attractive packages I guess. I miss my government job!
Getting signed into work for an orientation webinar this morning. I am finally being converted from temp employee to permanent. My dog had me up at 3am and it took me nearly an hour to get back to sleep so I'm dragging again this morning. Blech.
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