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Wow. I gotta say, I was blown away with last night's episode. Olivia Wilde and Hugh Laurie killed me with their acting. Amazing. I never thought I would love a wilson-free episode so much! I'm glad I taped it because I definitely need to watch it again. I'm excited to have 13 back! She bored the heck out of me when she was dating Foreman (their ship being aptly named Boreteen) but last night's ep reminded me how much I liked her when she was first auditioning for a...
Work and dinner are done. Time for some gaming with the hubs. I bought myself a brand new ahhhhmazing giant imac (27") about a week ago and I am loving gaming with it!!
(((()))) I hate that feeling. I've concluded that I cannot have a productive morning, afternoon and evening. 2/3 some days (when the stars align, the sun shines and I've gotten at least 9 hours of sleep) but most days, only 1/3. My mind and body tend to work best in the morning but I was dragging this morning for some reason (oh, yeah, it was cloudy) so this afternoon has been better. Which means I'm likely not going to accomplish much of anything but lounging this...
You make the cutest people.
There was a board wide announcement up at the top for several days.
Attunedmama, what kind of writing class is it? Mattemma04, we've been thinking about cutting out tv (I watch mainly on Netflix instant watch and hulu anyway) but our phone-tv-internet package thing would cost nearly the same & the kids like the ability to watch shows the same night they are on.
I'm working but work is super slow so I'm also decorating my office and spending a lot of time refreshing tumblr. It's hot today and the sun finally came out. I predict we'll have a/c on by dinner time but right now it's pleasant with the window open in my office. I just had a giant salad with crabmeat and tortellini and lots of greens and carrots and red cabbage. I am so full but if someone brought me another bowl of that salad, I would totally eat the whole thing.
I agree with qualifiers but my reasoning is pretty much exactly what musiciandad said. So, it's interesting to me that he disagrees with qualifiers. I guess we are on different sides of a very slim fence?
Yes, yes, please come play in N&CE!!!
She must have broken her arm IRL because it was so random and abrupt. Maybe there was another cut scene with the ice skating bit?Amber applied to one other place as a "safety" school and she didn't get in there either.I want to know how much Crosby paid for the fixer-upper. I was kind of getting annoyed with Adam over the whole thing (sure, Crosby made a crap decision about going to bed with the aid, but, really? She made a crap decision too if it meant she had to quit...
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