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I'm glad your worries were calmed with good news! FWIW, I would have been worrying too.
That sounds like a great move! Good luck!!
Oh, mama. ((())) I agree with the previous posters---you did the right thing in letting her go. Yes, you lost your temper but you composed yourself and apologized for the way you spoke to her (several times, it seems!) and that is commendable. Obviously things had been festering and the stress of your morning and the situation got the best of you. Nothing to do now but go forward. Sounds like there are a lot of what-ifs on the table, but that's sort of the nature of...
ITA with velochic's PSA! That tax return is more than what a year of your mortgage payments would be. If noting else, you could have those same fund that are going to withholding be directly deposited into a savings account or investments to earn you a little money over the course of the year and pad your emergency fund.
I am all for the idea of National Service. I haven't read the whole of this bill in particular, but what I have read sounds like a possible great help with unemployment.
He may be Uncle Jesse to you youngins, but he'll always be Blackie to me.
Did you feel the difference during the year, cappuccinosmom? I'm another one who is always trying to get to $0. This year was hard as we sold the house and had some job changes so I ended up padding a bit and we got back $715. We owe NY about the same amount we are getting back from NC, though, so I effectively zero'd out for state. We no longer own a home so I'm trying to keep an eye on things this year since we may not itemize for 2011. That's gonna throw a wrench...
I'm conflicted about a lot of last night's episode. The idea of a dream sequence episode is kinda silly in and of itself and I'm disappointed in probably about 80% of it but the slash fan in me loved a lot of it---the My Two Dads bit with the family hug, Milkman!Wilson was too flippin' adorable and Hugh in heavy eye make-up and fingerless gloves and a top hat, while singing and dancing in some kind of crazy Gaga-esque video? Gah and Unf to the max. I like Hugh Laurie's...
Oh, let me know when you watch House! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the episode. The day off is nice. I wish it was with pay! I'm just chilling and taking care of some paperwork.
(((FoG))) I'm sorry for your stressful morning. I hope your day gets better! I'm sitting here watching television and eating a broc/cauliflower/cheese frittata. I had to call out sick to work because I have no voice. I actually feel fine (as long as I'm not trying to speak) but I talk on the phone for a living (mind out of the gutter! I'm in customer service) so laryngitis means no working for me. Thanks for the wishes, HollyBearsMom. SIL is still pretty ill. ...
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