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I like facebook but, in my heart, I've already left it for twitter. And I'm totally cheating on twitter with tumblr.
I don't think she's blowing you off or anything. I just think she's flakey. Frankly, I have a difficult time maintaining friendships with flakey people because I do often end up internalizing that behavior as disrespect or dismissiveness (and these type of people probably read me as demanding & overly structured & punitive). It's just not a personality I tend to mesh well with at all. That said, I think it might be easier to deal with in a neighbor as you can do the...
"Covering your plate" is the cultural norm where I am from (NY metro area). It's why I am often filled with dread when the big wedding invitations arrive. Hotel + dress +shower gift + mani/pedi + shoes&accessories + dh's suit dry cleaned + actual cash wedding gift = a good $500+. I felt like we could sort of get away with shaving some $$ off when we were in our 20s but now that most of the family members getting married are much younger than us, we are expected to...
Pretty much never for dinner. My son is a Type 1 diabetic and doesn't tolerate high sugar snacks well in the evening so we, as a family, have pretty much adopted the idea that sweets are for after lunch or mid-afternoon.
I worked for the IRS adjusting individual tax returns for nearly 10 years and I have never heard of that. Why would the government want to dissuade people from lending them extra $$ over the course of the year?
Moving this to Pets.
I would probably ask her or just make sure there was always a frozen meal or sandwich stuff on hand. Most of our sitters have been family members so they knew they were free to eat what they liked or bring their own food when we went out.
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Monday has gotten much better so far! I'm still waiting on more news about my SIL who gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday but is quite ill with meningitis. Baby is doing well and I'm hoping to hear soon that SIL is improving as well.
I woke up rageful. Not really sure why, except that I didn't get enough sleep, dp was slow as molasses, the kitchen was a wreck and kid1 is home ill. Oh, and it's Monday. I'm working on snapping out of it. Kids2 & 3 are off to school and dp has left for work. Good stuff I'm trying to concentrate on: I'm in my office and not my bedroom! Sun is out and birds have taken over the back and side yards and are all singing pretty birdie tunes! Cheesy grits for...
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