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Yes, you should get a 1099C from the mortgage company. You still have to report the money, I think it's a form 928?, but most people will not be obligated to pay taxes on the income.
Omg, Foggy, those look amazing. I am exhausted from work this week. We are monumentally understaffed and with new changes, I've become one of the more senior people on staff (I've been there 3 whole months) and, well, it's just been a bit stressful this week. So now I'm chilling in bed and eating chips and catching up on tv I've missed this week (Parenthood and The Good Wife). No big plans this weekend. I'm hoping to get started on working on my office. And I should...
Good morning friends! I'm so glad it's not Monday anymore! I've started working full-time (still from home) this week and after one day I can see how much I need to move my office. The plan is for me to have at least 1/2 the bonus room over the garage to fashion into my own work and craft space. However, we are having construction done to convert the garage into an apartment for mom so I've been working from my bedroom (because I'm on the phone all day and the...
I so totally thought I was the only one. My family picks on me about it, but when volume is on an odd number (and I am aware), it really really gets to me.
My bladder woke me at 5:45am and my anxiety prevented me from going back to sleep. Now I'm up and weepy and watching some dog show. Sigh. Have to run some errands and do some chores today. Kid1 has a date at the mall tonight.
Rollerskating sounds super fun! "lighter" sounds totally appropriate, gbailey. Congrats! My day at work was kind of frustrating (co-irkers dropping the ball) but it's report card day and my kids kicked academic booty so that's good stuff.
Thanks, gbailey! So far, today is a big improvement. It's sunny and that is a big, big help for me.
Today kinda sucked. I'm drowning my sorrows in ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Karma Sutra) and salt & pepper potato chips. Salt and chocolate! Must be moon time a'coming! Nothing awful happened, just a series of annoying things: lack of organization on my part that lead to some chaos at work this morning, having to pick up dd2 from school b/c she wasn't feeling well (she seems fine now), rain rain all day (at least it's not snow), and a long Home Depot shopping trip with my...
I WAH answering the member services line for a local credit union. I've been doing this about 3 months. It's a big per hour pay cut from my previous job w/ the IRS but the working from home bit is a huge, huge plus for me.
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