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I'm going to close this thread but I'll leave it up so members can follow you all over to the thread in Fine Arts!
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I cannot believe that Robert Sean Leonard does not have any emmy for his work as Wilson. He is truly amazing, as is Hugh Laurie. Those two together are a constant display of acting genius. They make it look so easy, effortless! But the performances are so beautifully nuanced, every look, every gesture, the voice inflections. Really, I am regularly floored by their mad acting skillz.
omg, this week's episode was Out Of This World Fantastic! I have already watched it twice. i think it's one of the best ep's of the season. I loveloveloved it.
M1 usually means "make one" or "increase by one." Check out over here (very helpful site, btw---this is where I learned to knit): http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/increases
Well, since this money cuts at 65 and there's not talk of retirement, I think I'd keep my job. If the deal included retirement, I might seriously consider it and then use the time I spend at work (18hrs a week these days) to volunteer or work in another area or industry. Or maybe I'd go back to school. I might enjoy being unemployed for a few months, but I doubt it would last very long for me.
When we regularly attended UU services, there was yarnworking going on all over the place. I also knit in meetings at work. I find having something to do with my hands actually helps me pay more attention to the goings on. Of course, UU fellowship is pretty casual, our small group in particular! If I felt like it was distracting to others, I would probably stop or sit alone in the back.
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I don't know where you live and I think geography plays a big part in this kind of thing. I'm in NY and I would say, $10/hr so $30-40. I would probably offer to barter and take her kids for an equal # of hours every other week.
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