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I have a 4 yr old and a 6 mo old. There are some days that I feel so overwhealmed I don't even know were to begin. At those moments I make sure I'm sitting down to eat instead of on the run and giving myself some kind of break. But I also inventory everything I'm doing and let some things go. It can really be a mental thing for me to not finish something or call and cancel a committment, but I'm always glad I did ( and my kids are glad I did also). Definitley sticking...
I've read a lot of great ideas- Thanks! I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas/recipes for polenta. Several people mentioned it. I have not like the meals I have made with it. Also someone wanted ideas for quick breakfast other than toast- I like to make healthy muffins to grab in the morning. There is a good apple bran muffin recipe on this site in "Peggy's Kitchen" Our meals here are burrittos made with hamburger, black beans and spinach beans and...
Thank you for all the encouraging post. I have never regreted staying home with my DD. It is a little harder for my DH. He does enjoy spending money, but even the short period I babysat he realized he hated it when I worked. I enjoy making nice dinners and having a somewhat organized house. I think the advice someone gave about not shopping too much was great- even good bargains can add up and you spend more money than you should have. It is hard when everyone around...
Aster, Thanks for the info on Nestle. One more thing not to bring into the house. Another white bread- 100% whole wheat only!
Why nothing from Nestle?
My dd stopped taking naps when she was 2! I still need down time during the day so we have rest time. I emphazise that she dosn't have to go to sleep, but I put her in her crib with a book or toys and a tape on. This gives her a little down time and really seems to rest her up a bit. (and I get a little time to myself)
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