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You might want to try the no boil noodles in a single batch first. I have used them and do not like them as well. Disposable aluminum pans would definitely work as well, if you don't mind the extra expense and have the space. The other method saves a little room, but really not that much if your pans are pretty full! Oh, and you might check out some of the once-a-month cooking sites for recipes and quantities to make big batches. A big batch of lasagna is one of the...
I have no suggestion on how much you would need to prepare that much or how much it would cost, but here's a suggestion for the pan as long as you are not opposed to aluminum foil... Line your lasagna pan with aluminum foil, assemble the lasagna in the pan, and then freeze it, while still in the pan. Once it is frozen take the lasagna out of the pan still in foil, after which time, you could use your sealer to make sure it is good and tight. When you are ready to cook it,...
We definitely won't be able to stay with Salter either. We pay for individual insurance which is already expensive enough. Definitely can't do the $2,500+ on top of that. I am thinking about giving Dr. Hollie a try as well. I need to double check, but I think she is on my insurance. Let us know if you go see her! ~Staci
Another suggestion for if they are not eating their 2nds ... have them wait five minutes. If they are truly still hungry and willing to wait five minutes, give them another very small serving. Chances are, they'll choose to be done rather than wait, or realize they aren't still hungry after all. ~Staci
OP - How is Salter's practice changing? I saw her about a year ago, but haven't been in since then. These changes may make a difference in whether I decide to go back to her or not, which I was already on the fence about. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by lovemykeiki That is a possibility that we have discussed. We have a completely separate apartment downstairs that has a full kitchen, etc. Right now DH uses part of it as his workspace. The other part is our guest room. The guest room is empty most of the year. We could rent it out as a short-term vacation rental if needed. I have read some, but not all of the thread, so forgive me if someone has already...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grylliade : Hey, thanks for revitalizing my thread! I forgot I posted this. ~Staci
janasmama - Thanks for the detailed reply! Looks like they have decided to go another route, but I will refer back to these responses should I consider care for another child.
lilyka - Thanks for the detailed responses! I am really try to think this through thoroughly and make sure I have all my bases covered.
I am considering watching a 6.5 yo girl in my home 3 days per week. I have four children of my own and I homeschool (12, 9, 6 and 2.5) and this girl is being homeschooled as well. We are currently having some dialogue to see if we are a fit for each others needs, but I wanted to get some input from those who offer childcare in their home to make sure I cover all of the bases. Some of the questions I have are: 1. How do you handle discipline? 2. What do you do...
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