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www.180degreehealth.blogspot.com I find his stuff very interesting and convincing, and it jives with a lot of TF philosophies--he's very into Weston A. Price, raw milk, using real food to heal health problems, etc.
Any other thoughts? It's still there today, doesn't seem like it would be the duct filling up, wouldn't that come and go??
Is this normal? It just started this morning, a sort of stabbing soreness inside my left breast. I'm nursing my six-month old. What could it be? Thanks!
Does anyone have any suggestions beyond vitamin C and zinc? For kids and/or adults. Very interested to find out. Thanks!
If I were in the States, _and_ had a pediatrician who I liked, I'd do it. Even if I didn't like the ped, I'd probably turn a deaf ear to the pressure and go anyway. As it is, in Brazil, I haven't found a doctor who's not an hour away with traffic, plus negotiating a foreign system--it just seems too daunting to be told, yeah he's healthy and growing--now how about those shots? We've skipped the WBV.
So the condominium where we live uses ant poison and fertilizer on the grass where kids play. (Please don't scare me with how terrible this is--I know!) What I am wondering is if anyone has suggestions of alternatives for either of these. Preferably something cheap and readily available in Brazil. (For more details, see my blog post at http://www.thegoldenpapaya.com/2009/11/grounds.html) I really appreciate any ideas!
I had that, too, but it only lasted for a week or two postpartum.
I had to do an elimination diet because of my 6-month old. It turned out he was reacting to dairy in my diet, but it took a good 2 months of complete elimination before his stools normalized. His problem was not pooping, but yeah, in my experience, it can get worse, or show no improvement, for quite some time.
The cravings do go away, but I have to say it takes more than a few days. Another good book is Sugar Shock. This really goes into the health consequences of sugar, and that alone is enough to scare anyone away from the stuff.
Dark chocolate! They have really good prices on chocolate. Some is organic, too. Oh, I wish I could order some to be sent to Brazil!
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