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My 1 year old was on her crib matress on the floor until we got a toddler bed - she's 19 months - but she's tiny so I think we will get a lot of use out of the bed. We put pillows next to the bed for us to lay on until she goes to sleep and for when she comes off the beg -- she's a restless sleeper - that's the reason we had to move her out of our bed. She was all over us and two restless sleepers ( I am the other one) just wasn't going to work.
DD goes through phases where she goes down no problem and other times it's an hour. Either I or DH read stories with the last one in bed. When she gets tired she lays down and I read a little more than stop. I usually recap the highlights of our day then talk about plans for tomorrow. Then I lay my head on her bed and stroke her if she wants it (sometimes she pushes us away).I use to go straight to laying down and putting my nose in a book (read from the nightlight - bad I...
My DD only slept in the crib for a total of 6 months. She hated it -- so I nursed in our bed, then on the floor next to our bed, then into her room on the crib matress. So when my in-laws said they had a toddler bed they picked up at a sale I did the happy dance. So DD was in a bed at 14 months. She was very excited about it -- although when I go into check on her at nights it's not uncommon to find her on the pillows next to her bed. She's a restless sleeper like me I...
http://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/ Here's a website you might find helpful
So if we go in for let's go potty and she sits for a second and then is off it's totally fine? She always follows us in when we go -- if we shut the door she knocks.... I don't want to force her b/c I know if I do she will not sit on it. I like the idea of having her "help" clean up. So even if they are going everywhere but the potty they will at some point find there way there....?? Sorry to ask -- but must have away to explain to DH.
As always you can find anything on ebay -- just not girls in DD's size. http://search.stores.ebay.com/Cotton...sPageNameZWD1S And this looked like a good overall sale site http://www.babybestbuy.com/baby-diapering.asp From what I seen Kmart does have the best prices on the gerbers. On Amazon it's Luvable Friends and you can get a 15 pack for $25 2-5...... hmmmm.... that's like $1.66 a training pant plus shipping...
Thanks for the tips -- the nearest Target is about 45 minutes I think..... and I don't go in that direction much. I promise to share if I come across any good sales.
Do you have trouble with them wanting to get dressed after so much naked time? Sydney has never been a big fan of geting dressed with or without song. So I am starting to find more resistance of putting them on or her favorite is to lie down for diaper then try to get get away once it's half on. And if she is coming to tell me she pottied anywhere but the potty chair she tells me is that a step in the right direction? We have only had one successful potty. But we have...
I have first art and busy toddler book. I like them both - quick and easy to use.
If you are talking about SARE grants yes they do because I got an email notice from the University of MO - Columnia. I think deadlines are in December. You be able to find something on their Ag or Ag Extension website.
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