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I'm pretty close with my MIL. I imagine things would stay pretty much how they are (we see each other or talk on the phone several times a week).
How moderated mdc USED to be? lol! The change from the over-moderation here has only been very very recent.
Do you really want to know WHY people are at both places? Because there are some good things here, some good info, and some good people. Some people keep returning because they're still clinging to the memory of what this place used to be like. And yes, some people come to snark posts from here - and to worry about people from here, to try to help people, to quote things before they disappear. Now, board cultures are constantly evolving. Things have changed here over...
There's one section that snarks this site. There are also many other subforums, much like here, that do not even talk about this place. It's not all about snark. There's a pretty good sense of community there. It's kinda like a soggy version of here. lol
Well, for one thing, tattoos are completely different from piercings in the aspect that you can easily take the jewelry out of a piercing if you're "done" with it or it's not situation-appropriate - you can't just remove a tattoo. Heck, I regret the tattoos I got when I was 21 - I can't imagine how a 7 yr old kid is going to feel about his tattoo choice when he's in his 30s and 40s.
I had pertussis a couple years ago. It was the most awful illness I have ever experienced in my life. I did have the classical 'whoop'. I coughed so hard I vomited frequently - I lost over 15 lbs throughout the course of being sick. My coughing fits were so severe that I was unable to drive because a coughing fit could strike at any time. There were many times I nearly passed out from not being able to get enough air during a fit. My eyes watered during coughing fits due...
Quote: Originally Posted by princesstutu I believe the OP said that she has a hard time finding the sympathy, not that she lacked sympathy. There is a difference. I guess I would ask that those of who are saddened or upset in any way due to our understanding of the OPs position practice toward the OP the compassion we say we wish she had. Quote: Originally Posted by Youngfrankenstein I don't think that's fair at all. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tizzy No, I do not feel that everyone causes their own cancer, I just have a really hard time finding sympathy for those that do - I do feel bad for what they put their families through. You realize the flip side of that coin is saying the person with cancer deserves it, because they did something wrong. Which is really, really gross. NOBODY deserves cancer, no matter what they did. Do you know that likely, when...
OP, right now, I don't think you need to worry about discipline with your brother. You said he's had no limits or anything at his parents. Right now just chill and hang with him, show him how he's expected to behave by example, and just try talking and explaining things when there's issues. Also, and I mean this as no insult, but familiarize yourself with normal teenage behavior.
I don't have any advice. I hope the outcome is whatever your heart truly desires. Out of curiosity, how many children do you have? How did you find out you were indeed pregnant before? I've heard of people getting false negatives with pee tests, but never with a blood test. Do you tend to have difficult pregnancies?
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