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Babies come when ready.  A "due date" is just an estimate.  My second was 43 weeks 5 days.  And yes, my dates were accurate.  Turn your phone off.  Take some time and relax.  Go out with your sweetie for one last date.  Baby will be here soon.   You're actually not even "overdue" until 42 weeks 1 day.
Why should another family rethink THEIR educational choices due to your beliefs?
Do you know which vaccines can and can not contribute to herd immunity?   How has vaccination done anything to eradicate tetanus since it's not a disease that's transmitted from person to person?
 I have never gotten a good short belt install.  Long- belt I've gotten a decent install in a couple of cars, but in both the belt was *barely* long enough and the install involves a lot of cursing and sweating and such.   And remember that LATCH has weight limits- my dad has a honda, so it needs belt install in there after 40lbs.  Sigh.
My parents have one and installing it with the belt is a huge pain.  It's an okay seat.  I would not be comfortable with a 2yr old ff under any circumstances though.
All of mine have been born at home, including my first.  Wouldn't plan it any other way.  If we're discussing an out of hospital birthing center they don't provide anything that a homebirth midwife wouldn't have equipment and safety wise.
There are a number of good birth centers in town, but a birth center doesn't provide anything that a homebirth midwife doesn't.   If you don't have any "complications" other than being over 35 and first baby, I expect most if not all of the birth centers would be happy to help you transfer to them and birth there.
Another thought- how about adding videos for some specific purpose?  At that age my kids LOVED Signing Time and the signing really helped with toddler frustration too.  Or there are some cute foreign language videos out too.  Maybe if you could see it as *adding* something for your daughter instead of just the negative of the screen time it might help.
New Posts  All Forums: