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A couple of different thoughts here, in no particular order.   - If you don't like the daycare situation, get another one.  What she is doing is not harmful or dangerous.  Not ideal- I can see that, but it's a trade off for below-market-value child care with a loving family member.   -Screen free is a nice idea, but unless you are willing to make your whole family 100% screen free then it is really only a possibility for a first child.  We did limit screen time...
(((hugs)))  My second was 43 weeks 5 days.  My advice is turn off the phone and do whatever you like to do to relax- bubble baths, a massage, bad movies  ;)  Babies come when ready.
Cassandra Dickerson is supportive of parents making their own choices.
My ds was 43 weeks 5 days.  Babies come when ready  ;)  Turn off the phone and relax.
I find the ISR to be an abusive method.  No way I would subject my kids to it.  We have started swim lessons at a year here and they both swim well.
I don't know any non-vaxing families who shelter their non-vaxed children.  My kids are totally unvaxed and we go and do everything we would otherwise.  We do homeschool but that is an education decision not a health decision.  I would be perfectly comfortable health-wise with my kids in school.
It's made by dorel.  Some people are comfortable with dorel seats, I'm not. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-carseats-special,0,7744829.story   http://dailymomtra.com/2011/03/07/dorel-the-car-seat-company-that-doesnt-care-about-safety/
If it works for you- go for it.  For us there's no way it would work.  My kids are further apart and so the oldest has lots of activities (we homeschool).  To deny her all afternoon (or full day) activities for a younger child to nap would be impractical and absurd.
My understanding is that current LATCH limits apply only to the weight of the child, not the seat.
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